A Complete and Detailed Guide to Prospect.io


Despite the noisy nature of social media, studies show 81% of B2B marketers say their most used form of content marketing is email newsletters. Marketing outreach via email is an excellent approach to reach out to new potential prospects in a personalized manner and promote participation. Email marketing is quite adaptable in that it allows you to include links, videos, and graphics in addition to your marketing content.

All of this is fantastic, but it’s pointless if you don’t have any potential prospects to send your emails to. For your sales staff or management, tracking out connections for potential prospects may be time-consuming and irritating, with extensive searches sometimes yielding little more than a dead or generic email address.

Needless to say, this is not a smart use of a CEO’s or business owner’s time in the year 2021. As a result, we set out to investigate several email-finding tools to see how they may assist to expedite the process of generating new leads and boost sales staff efficiency. 

So today, I’m going to take you into the Prospect.io universe.

What is Prospect.io, and why is it useful?

Prospect.io, which was launched in 2016, is a sophisticated automation and sales development software that is used by a range of organizations to collect prospect.io information. A Google Chrome extension powers this essential application, which is an email address finder.

Prospect.io also allows you to keep track of your prospects’ activities, follow up with them, and gather essential data that may help you grow your business. Prospect.io is a combo of a browser extension and a web application. It enables marketers and salespeople to target leads from all across the internet.

It also allows you to filter out irrelevant leads while bringing up the required and relevant ones. By screening out leads, you may create focused campaigns that will assist you in identifying your actual audience. These efforts not only assist to maintain your present audience but also aid to bring in new faces.

In addition, prospect.io allows you to track your content across many platforms. Through this efficacious software, you may see engagement, activity, turnover, and several other things. This type of data helps you to produce engaging content that appeals to both existing and future customers.

Prospect.io Store Navigation
Prospect.io Store navigation

Automation of lead generation and email marketing

For a long time, email prospecting has been at the forefront, and its importance is only growing with each passing day. Because of effective email prospecting, firms have reached significant milestones, and this technology was a major contributor to the success of most of these businesses.

Individually or manually sending emails is time-consuming and wastes valuable time, energy, and creativity that individuals in organizations should be using for better and greater things. You may improve your company’s situation by automating its emailing procedure. There are numerous software solutions available for email marketing and automation, but few are as effective as prospect.io.

This software allows you to respond to your clients quickly while also ensuring that you have no issues utilizing it. Prospect.io is user-friendly and efficient. You will be able to grasp its interface in a short amount of time without too much difficulty.

Pricing Plans

Essential $69/month,
Plus $25 per month for each new user.
– 250 credits for Email Finder every month
– Up to 400 emails can be sent each day per sending address
– Fundamental integrations: (Slack, Zapier, Piesync)
– Unlimited prospect lists
– Unlimited campaigns     
– Email Finder and Verifier
– Drip campaigns and email automation
– Email monitoring (opens, clicks. replies, conversions)
– Insights and reporting·   
– Import and export       
– Add-ons (bought in accordance with needs)
Plus $39 per month for each additional user.
Includes all of the benefits of the Essential plan, plus·       

– 1000 credits for Email Finder each month
– Up to 1500 emails can be sent each day per sending address
– Native CRM connectors that are advanced: (Salesforce, Pipedrive, Close.io, and HubSpot)
– Campaign evaluations
– REST API accessibility
– Includes add on features
EnterpriseCustomA tailored strategy that includes bulk discounts, sales, and technical support to ensure success

Contains all of the elements of the Business Plan, plus

– Checking Email Deliverability
– Onboarding and Training
– Technical Configuration
– Priority Assistance
– Contains add-on features

Features of Prospect.io

This essential tool comes with more functions than you can shake a stick at, some of them being:


I mean, it’s in the name!

The prospecting functionality, which includes the email finder and verifier, is the core focus of this Google Chrome extension. Users can search for email addresses individually or in groups, and searches can be conducted via Prospect.io’s website by page, domain, site, or individual search. Simply navigate to any page or enter a person’s information and website, and the tool will return every email address connected with that domain name. 

As if that weren’t enough, Prospect.io will additionally validate each email address obtained as usual – and free of charge – to ensure that the emails you find are valid.

Email tools

Prospect’s help does not end once you’ve obtained all of your new email addresses.

  • Templates

Don’t have any email templates? Not an issue. With this tool, you can incorporate contact information into Prospect.io’s ready-made and customizable templates. Furthermore, you may distribute your updated templates to as many people on your team as you like.

  • The drip features

Prospect.io enables you to develop and send email campaigns using your newly created contact lists. Individual emails or email sequences can be sent immediately or scheduled for later. Users can also opt to have the auto-stop feature activated when a potential customer responds.

Prospect.io Drip Campaigns
Prospect.io Drip Campaigns

  • Reports

This feature is quite similar to the metrics that are available in the drip campaign. You can check how many emails you sent and keep track of everyone you interacted with and converted. The report function also allows you to generate data that pinpoints the components that contribute to the success of your campaign. You may also filter the report to choose certain contacts and timeframes.

  • Automating your inbox

Firstly, one of the best features of this email finder is that all of your prospecting emails will be sent from your email account. Instead of a generic one from the brand, simply connect your email address and the tool will take care of the rest. 

Prospect.io supports a variety of email providers at time of writing, including Google (Gmail and G Suite) and your SMTP/IMAP server, Microsoft Office 365. You have the option of sending emails from your address or the address of another team member.

  • Analytics

As you might have guessed, this smart solution comes with a slew of analytics features, including email monitoring and reporting, as well as campaign data. These helpful tools allow you to immediately identify which of your initiatives are successful and which are not, allowing you to make adjustments for the future. 

In addition, the firm has upgraded its already excellent statistics. Users can now see every stage of their campaigns, including opens, clicks, responses, discussions, and qualifications, thanks to the improvements.

  • Syncing

What could be better than a fantastic email searching and sending system? Being able to sync it with other systems! Prospect.io can now be synced with CRM integrations, Zapier, PieSync, and Slack.

We’ve got a chance to play around with this tool and are now ready to share our results in our crucial Pros and Cons section.

Pros of Prospect.io

It’s extremely simple to use

Prospect.io is a delight to use, especially if you have little technical knowledge. You’ll be zipping about the site in no time, putting together your lists, and sending your emails, thanks to the thorough tutorials and dashboard prompts.


The ability to purchase more credits is a crucial – and helpful – option, as there will undoubtedly be months when your activity increases.


A big benefit is the tool’s free and automated email address verification. It helps you save a lot of time. Otherwise, it may be squandered by sending emails to invalid addresses.

Sending from a personal address

Anyone who has used a free website builder or anything similar knows how aggravating it is to have to live with a generic URL that screams “cheap system.” Knowing that your emails will be sent from your email address is a big plus in this case for individuals who want to project a more professional image.

Creating a Task

This useful tool allows users to assign themselves tasks, such as phone or email follow-up, to increase productivity.

Money-back guarantee for 30 days

If you’re not entirely satisfied with Prospect.io after the first 30 days, you can obtain a full refund — no questions asked!


Prospect.io is quite proactive when it comes to updates, and they are constantly being added. An Unsubscribe Link and Multiple Event Tracking are two recent improvements. Users are encouraged to provide input so that the most desired and needed updates can be implemented.

Cons of Prospect.io

Nobody is perfect, but Prospect.io comes very close. There are, however, a few drawbacks to be aware of:


This isn’t the most cost-effective email finder out there, with the lowest option costing Rs. 6,900 each month. Although all of the bells and whistles help to explain the price, you’re still looking at a monthly cost of around seven thousand rupees.

No free trial

Nothing in life is free, and this product is no exception since there is currently no free trial available.


This email finder will occasionally offer up an incorrect or irrelevant email address, but to be honest, most comparable systems do the same.

And that’s everything about Prospect.io!

Prospect.io is the tool to utilize if you need an effective and user-friendly email campaigning solution. It simplifies the process of sending emails to several different groups. This software’s primary selling point is its user interface, which gives step-by-step assistance to its customers and significantly improves your company’s email sending experience.