Red Bull’s secret marketing strategy

Red Bull’s secret marketing strategy

Red Bull’s secret marketing strategy is one of the foremost successful and powerful strategies. First of all, what is meant by Red Bull? It is a kind of energy drink that doesn’t do good in taste. The customers were lagging in buying a such drink. So, the company thought that putting the tin bottle inside the dustbin to make society people believe that, everybody loves Red Bull by seeing the wastage of tin bottles. This is one of the rubbish ideas of the company, though they reached their goal by secret strategy. Some say it is to taste and some are straight opposite.

All about Red Bull

The ingredients are listed in the outer part of the tin bottle. In the slim silver can. Though Red Bull was still a leading brand in the US. Worldwide Red Bull sold 7.9 billion cans in 2020. It is so interesting, right? Which was compared to the 4 billion can in 2011. The founder of Red Bull is Dietrich Mateschitz. He says “If we don’t create the market, it doesn’t exist. Red Bull’s secret marketing strategy is in creating a $16 billion worldwide stampede. The brand always lies in the top most ingenious buzz marketing strategy that makes customers to exclusive and curious events that get high channel coverage.

Red Bull similarity to other energy drinks

The success story of Starbucks is also with the taste of the boosted drink that is similar to Red Bull. There is also a similarity in another energy drink, that is with the surprising roots of monster energy drink. This is one of the famous and all-time favorite energy drinks for many people. The founder says that they don’t bring products to the customer instead they bring customers to the product.

In today’s world, Red Bull has become one of the most powerful global brands and very few know its story of it. One day, in the summer of 1982, Matechitz read a story about topmost ten taxpayers in Japan. He wondered about a certain Mr. Taisho, who had established a high-energy drink in Japan. He learned that energy drinks were a rich and hot item among the tired workers and drivers. The ingredients were written on the can and there was no trademark to patent to secure.

The slogan of Red Bull

The slogan of Red Bull is after a great struggle. The founder recalls how its Austrian friends responded. Finally, after trying so many times, they came up with “Red Bull – gives you wings”. This transformed into a prophecy around the world. He was still lagging in finding a bottler to produce. Everything around him told him that Red Bull had no chance of getting success. Then a rival, found a shiny silver can tolled off the products of tin bottles productively. After two years it began to grow high. He says, “As long as he can think clearly, he can think of the alternatives. All we need is bright eyes and a clear mind”. Which is cent percent factual.

The rules were simple for the marketers. They need to reach “alpha bees”, if they love the products they tell people about them. Their strategy spread all over the world. This made the energy drink more energetic!