Sales prospecting tools for business in 2023

Sales prospecting tools for business in 2023 helps to choose the suitable tool for your business. Effective sales prospecting boosts the productivity of the sales team and maximizes profits. Sales prospecting is the process of identifying the potential customers for your business. Also to connecting those customers having the same interests and needs as yours to your business. The beginner’s guide to sales prospecting will provide sufficient information on its usage. This creates the demand for sales prospecting tools to associate with customers. What are sales prospecting tools? Sales prospecting tools are kind of software platforms used to simplify and automate the tasks of sales prospecting. Here are sales prospecting tools for 2023 business people to consider.

  • Crunchbase
  • Leadfeeder
  • Gong
  • Datanyze


Crunchbase collects insights upon companies of both public and private. It is best for screening and finding the businesses that match your potential customer profile. Crunchbase provides live information such as companies’ services, characteristics, operations and trending news. Moreover, it filters prospects based on one’s need. One of the major benefits of Crunchbase is the ability to connect with contacts from its platform. Hence, it can be preferred as one of the sales prospecting tools for business in 2023. Upto a limited version, Crunchbase is available for free. For additional specifications, it requires a pay of $29 per month.


Leadfeeder as a B2B sales prospecting tool, is used identify the companies that visit your profile or site. It acts as a tracking software to monitor the visitors. An interesting advantage of Leadfeeder is the personalization to know your visitors. In fact, gives the insights of which company has looked for your website, what has been searched by them and their interests in your website. With this, better sales prospecting ideas can be formed for your business. On the other hand, Leadfeeder allows to contact with the relevant customers or leads. All these specifications make it one of the sales prospecting tools for business in 2023. Like Crunchbase, a limited version is available for free. For more features, it charges a monthly payment.


Gong is a revenue intelligence software, used in B2B sales teams. It helps the revenue teams of the company to understand their customers interactions. Also, it records and analyzes the calls of customers for effective sales. Through this, Gong enriches the possibility of better sales process. By providing insights of customers calls, it makes the decisions dependent on facts, rather than on opinions. Having such options, Gong becomes one of the sales prospecting tools for business in 2023 to know the customers.


Datanyze is an extension of Google Chrome. It allows salespersons to get details of B2B prospects within a very short period of time. Those details include email address, company details, contact number. Datanyze collects information of the prospects when they browse social media platforms or directly from company websites. It is best for connecting with prospects. is a call prospecting platform, which improves sales call productivity. It allows the sales representatives to call their prospects out of CRM. It helps the sales team to dial, connect and conduct more meetings with their prospects. is known for its features like automatic pre-recorded voicemails and caller ID. Another major factor of is directing the incoming call to the appropriate person of the team. By having such qualities, it has evolved as one of the sales prospecting tools for your business.

These are some of the sales prospecting tools to be considered using in 2023. Each one is unique with their specializations and key features. Hence, it will help you to choose the right fit sales prospecting tool for your website.