Selling on Instagram Using Shoppable Posts

Selling on Instagram Using Shoppable Posts.

Selling on Instagram isn’t easy as it looks, but don’t you worry after reading this post you’ll get a clear idea about selling on Instagram. After a few months of testing, Instagram had a big announcement for its audience and a Big Opportunity for its user interface (UI) by introducing in late 2020: Changing its user “Activity” tab with the “Shop” tab, this brought a revolution in social media platform’s by this move and become more business-friendly.

It’s a huge move from the certain feature which was made a few years ago. At present, it’s super-duper easier for users to shop products from brands without ever leaving the app.

Why You should bring your  Business to Sell on Instagram

Hi-Fi to the Instagram for awesome support to shoppable posts feature and other supportive tools (such as product wishlist, product launch reminder, and shopping stickers on Instagram stories), users can easily go through the entire buyer’s journey, from discovery to checkout very easily and get insight before taking further decision. Social media platforms are a huge platform for many people and it is great for brand awareness tools. nevertheless, Instagram’s new combination has made it a big generating revenue driver for many giant companies.

A 2019 study on a Facebook study revealed that 54% of respondents purchased items at the moment or later after seeing a product or service displayed on Instagram.

It does not direct-to-consumer brands that can benefit from using Instagram’s shopping features but with many other features. A report by HootSuite report on 2020 revealed a 36.2%  jump of B2B decision-makers by using the app to source new products or services.

 The Shoppable posts can be marked with a clickable shopping bag icon that shows the product information and by the “View Products” call-to-action you can visit the brand’s Shop page which will be directed into the particular page.

The ways to sell on Instagram

  1. 1. Light on the eligibility criteria.
  2. 2. sync your product catalog.
  3. 3. Put forward your account for review.

Selling On Instagram Tip #1 – Light on the eligibility criteria.

There are certain eligibility requirements you must check and meet up on before you start selling anything on Instagram. You must:

  • Meet the criteria of places by checking.
  • Having an Instagram business or creator account signs you are here to promote.
  • vend(sell) any physical goods that follow all Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce policies.
  • Attach your Instagram account with your Facebook Business Page.

After meeting the above requirements, follow the steps below.

Selling On Instagram Tip #2 – Sync your product catalog.

The catalog is a file that provides information about the products and your catalog will help you to sell your product, such as pricing and description. There are 2 ways to upload your product catalog:

  1. 1. Take the do-it-yourself route through the Facebook manager by manually adding the items.
  2. 2. Attach to an e-commerce platform partner, such as Shopify or BigCommerce.

According to a survey taken by Facebook, 81% have respondents through Instagram as it will help them to research the products and services. Below are listed seven tips on how you can feature your product consistently in your posts. It will help you to learn about your products on Instagram.

Consistency in posting about your products is important.

Build a habit to make posts about your products in a regular phase, By once a day of the week, so your Audience and members build a habit of looking at your products Frequently.

DISCLOSE the process behind creating your products.

Take your audience to the journey of your product such as why you have created this product and future goals. you can use stories to show the hard work that goes into making your products and how safe and convenient they can be.

Display every variation of your products.

Displaying all of your product options will give your customers a huge variety of selection of different colors, sizes, and types of material to will give a good impression about your company and will increase your market rate…

Tell your customers about the option to shop directly on your business account.

Elling to your customer about this feature will allow them to look at your other products and it will also help you to generate more revenues. For example, make storytelling that in your community you can shop on Instagram for the products as they see.

Tag more than one product in a post.

When you tag more than one tag for your post. the visibility rate for this will increase and will get more research further. the audience and community when they tag that they will get your post subsequently. This is the magic of tagging the post.

Tagging the post such as#newyear 2022 using this tag so that the users when they type this keyword they will get your post subsequently.

Test with different post formats using Instagram Shopping.

tagging your photos, videos, or multiple images or videos in a conveyor post in your feed. It will be awesome and will give good promotion if you tag your stories with product stickers.

Ensure each tag touches the correct product.

This will help to make shoppers clear so they know exactly which product to tag and refer to. Tagging will help you to stand out of crowd but make sure it does not get the wrong tag..we have seen that how important is tagging but when it reaches the wrong audience which it is not related to your product, which is simply a waste of tag that you have wasted. Be wise while using tags for your post.

Hence we have come to an end. In this journey, we learned how we can sell our product on Instagram by keeping your account into business type. we have also seen that how Shopify can be linked with your account and how customers can directly get into your business account so that they can have a glance at other products too.

Instagram keeps on changing its features for the betterment of its customers and congratulation and happiness for you that you want to take your business globally by giving your product a boost in the e-commerce platform.