Session 4: Strong and weak ties

Velallar college

Mr.Karthik Easwaramoorthy started the session with a presentation connecting his personal and real life experience. His topics included behaviour pattern, strong ties and weak ties which were instinctive. Then followed the presentation by the remaining teams. 

First, the members of team 1 explicitly expressed their views on Film. They delineated the positive impacts of films and how films act as a good stress buster.

Next, team 6 made their presentation on Food. The members of the team explained about ancient and traditional food. Besides, the importance of healthy food was well expressed.

 After that, team 5 shared their ideas on Life style, which explored the various categories of life style like food, beauty and fashion, technology and social media. A perfect comparison was made between previous and present generation’s lifestyle. The ideas were presented in an elegant manner.

Then, the presentation on Sports was done by team 3. The value of sports has been clearly elaborated. Also, they detailed about the various ancient and modern games. They concluded with the message, “A person who plays games will be able to handle failures in a better way.”

Finally, the members of team 9 explicated the topic Environment. They detailed the types of water pollution and the solutions to these problems. In addition, they insisted on the importance of water management. 

With that, all the 10 teams successfully completed their presentations.

At the end of each presentation, Mr. Karthi Easwaramoorthy appreciated all the team members for their wonderful efforts and gave his valuable suggestions for the further improvisation. 

The session was concluded with a story shared by Mr. Karthi Easwaramoorthy about the value of waste food management that created an impact in students’ mind.