Session 5: Content Management

In session 5 of the Creative Café, the resource person widened the mental horizon of the students by introducing them to the technological revolution in the the world of Digital Marketing by presenting the concept of Content Management System.  He also gave concrete ideas on how to upload, publish, create and update the content in a user-friendly interface on a website. He also gave an insight into Word Press module, a place to build and explore a fine digital marketing strategy for one’s blog or business website. An awareness about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a fundamental part of digital marketing in maximizing the number of visitors to one’s particular website was also created. On par with that he focused on the Basics of Google, like Crawling (discovering the available pages), Indexing (searching queries based upon the key words and phrases used by the consumer) and SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) (locating the position of the specific document within a short period of time) to help the students in building one’s own website and to establish the brand authority. The key note of the session also included the features of the SERP like, Featured Snippets, Knowledge Panels, Video Carousels and Image Packs etc., which assist one’s business information to stay on top of a competitive and ever-changing digital platform. Thus, the overall session was educative in promoting one’s idea in a webpage.