Sony – The pride and its success story

Sony – The pride and its success story

Sony – The pride and its success story has always inspired every entrepreneur undoubtedly. What is the brand Sony hold? What is the secret behind its success? How does it get its pride? What are the products under the brand Sony? Let’s see what is all behind it. Sony is one of the multinational conglomerate companies in the world with a revenue of eighty-five billion U.S. dollars. It is also said to be one of the largest companies present in 204 countries and territories.

Sony was started in September 1945 with a rapid repair shop. And it was said to be born immediately after world war II. The beginning was humble and later on printed its foot all over the world. With a wide range of fame and reputation of its success. Initially, it started small with just eight employees. In the name of Tokyo telecommunication engineering corporation by Masaru Ibuka with initial less capital.

The story of pride

Sony got a golden opportunity in the radio during the time of world war II. They have a lot of roadblocks to circumvent. The engineer was creative and innovative, so they somehow tackled with the presence of enough equipment. Sony – The pride and its success story after lots of struggle and barriers. Their journey started with a simple rice cooker. That was their first product that ended up in failure. Because Sony had never lacked in its quality, but the rice cooker was sub-par quality. It didn’t meet its expectations. Then they had lots of setbacks and introduced heated cushions electrically.

Sony faced failure again with the second invention because the product cushion burned the blankets and mattresses. They realized continuous failure would shut their company down but then all they knew. Is that the magnetic recorder need tape magnetic? Which can invent by coating a plastic tape with magnetic material.


The team with the help of their innovative power created a magnetic tape, before that they took a frying pan and roasted powdered chemicals that were useful for their innovation. In 1950, two types of names A and G prototype introduces. G-type was recorded for one hour. Whereas the A-type was recording the time for half an hour. And the G-type was widely used in schools for too technical.

Sony – The pride and its success story entering into the world’s biggest market where Sony wanted to bring a novel product into the American market so that a new style of brand and trend could be set. House appliances, cars, electronics, and so on are the major products that Sony got its success. They took the biggest risk of borrowing funds and money from others. And there was a breakthrough in that Ibuka. They had very less power output that was only suitable for particular aids.

Sony’s breakthrough

As the days passed, Sony attained the breakthrough and worked hard on this project for the future. It took a whole year for the expertise to look at Sony attaining the breakthrough. Then they implemented their clever marketing strategy by introducing radio and Sony made customized bigger pockets for their sales team. On 15th February 1960, Sony founded the corporation of America which had expanded to the U.S. It was expanded globally. And started to enter into global markets.

Consecutively Sony introduced the best television of the century in October 1968 named Trinitron and it also transform perception. It has also partnered with Philips. Sony is a very well-known name in the film industry and music industries. In 2016, Sony became the complete owner of the brand. With the production of products like cameras, television, watches, music, and movies. Sony had also pioneered PlayStation which was revolutionary gaming with its fullest experience. At last, Sony has introduced the world’s first OLED television in 2007 and everything then went beyond success. These are the struggles Sony had faced behind its success and are now framed into the perfect pride success story of the brand, Sony.