Surprising facts about Snap chat

Surprising facts about Snapchat

Surprising facts about Snap chat ( formerly known as Picaboo)? Yes, if you are a person who hasn’t used Snap Chat, this will be the perfect space to expand your view. Here are some fun and surprising facts which could drive you towards snapchat. Despite the fact that some Snapchat users may not share this opinion, Interesting, right? In spite of clicking spontaneous snaps with friends or sharing stories of delicious foodstuffs, you can promote your business and market your brand. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

But for the non-users of Snapchat, before starting into marketing, you should first know everything about the application. In basic terms, it’s an app that is available in the play store that allows you to share or post snaps and videos with your friends online. It’s very easy to click and share. But your posts will not be stored permanently after being viewed once. A special reason for its huge popularity is that you can add filters to your snaps and make your friends bald too. You can add emojis, stickers, fun filters, beauty filters, etc. to personalize everything you need.

Now let us enter into the surprising facts about Snap chat.

The first fact confirms that 4 in 10 Snapchat users say that they discovered new brands through posts and stories. What do you think is the best way to market a brand? For sure, it’s influencer marketing. And there is no better place than Snapchat for this. As people follow fame, celebrities, experts, and so on, they will also see their posts; obviously, the brand will be explored by 4 in 10. It can also be understood as going with the trend. Where there is a crowd, there will be an opportunity to market your brand.

It’s not only the brand that benefits, but also the people who can follow the rocking business experts where they gain a huge amount of contact.

Second, it acts as one of the kings of ephemeral content marketing. Ephemeral content marketing uses photos and videos that are accessible for a short duration. It means being a king as it creates a sense of urgency and disappointment at not seeing the media. It satisfies people by not selling themselves; that is, it appeals to buyers who don’t want to feel sold. And finally, for its personalization. You should use it accordingly.

The next fact that would be surprising to female users is that 61% of Snapchat users are female. Why? This will be the question that pops out. It’s behind the natural theory. Essentially, women are drawn primarily to creativity and appealing visuals. If you are a marketer, this fact is just enough to manufacture your marketing campaigns, right?

Do you believe that Mark Zuckerberg tried to buy Snap Chat? Yes, why not? Snapchat impressed Zuckerberg too. Even though the offer went above $3 billion, Snap Chat’s owners refused to sell it. This would be enough to estimate Snap Chat’s level of growth. So, what would be your reaction if I said 2.1 million snaps are sent every single minute? It sounds breath-taking, but it is simply because of the feature in Snap Chat which allows users to capture the second.

These are the five surprising facts about Snapchat that will convince you to use it accordingly.