Tata Nano – The best challengeable car

Tata Nano – The best challengeable car

Tata Nano – The best challengeable car has brought the time to say ta-ta! Shocking right? What is special about the Tata brand? How do they invent the Nano car? For what purpose? How did Nano become the best challengeable car? The answer to all the questions is out now. The idea from Ratan Tata, the founder of the Tata group was large and meaningful. The statement is evidenced by an incident. From that Ratan tata was motivated.

Watching a family of four traveling on a two-wheeler congested in the dark made him drown his heart. Nano was the best answer for many real-life problems. Ratan Tata felt un-safety traveling by bike with four. Tata group has announced that Nano will be in demand if they launch. It will also be considered. As an affordable car for all. They build the plan in 2003 and went on to 2006 about 50 kilometers from the state capital Kolkata. Tata group invested 2,000 crores and they had the plan to turn Singur into an auto city.

Tata – The hero

Finally, after many political turbulences in every part of India, the Nano car has overcome every struggle and launched in 2009 in two variants, one is the basic model which is priced at Rs1,12,735 and the luxury version Nano cost was Rs1,70,335. The launch of one of the tiny smallest cars has created a spark in everybody and was unprecedented in India and was much excitement across the world. Tata Nano – The best challengeable car has helped many lives since it was launched. In 2010 around units of 9,000 Nano car was sold, and since then things have gone well. In 2011 Tata motors was selling nearly around 500 units per year. There are various reasons why customer buys Nano. But, unfortunately in 2010, Nano caught fire and this incident happened in Mumbai over the next few months, several such incidents were reported immediately.

The stigma of the Nano car was “the cheapest car” proved its style was both good and bad. In the Indian automobile sector, Tata Nano has come downhill and in 2018 only three of the Nano cars were sold. The Tata group has admitted that the incident that happened was unfortunate. In June 2018, there was only three Nano’s were sold and just only one was produced at Sanand. In the overall Indian automobile sector, Tata Nano was one of the best challengeable cars and the cheapest car when compared to others. Tata Nano – The best challengeable car is a revolutionary car that had dared to launch not minding its success or failure. In 2018, every news that is linked with Nano drowned like in a ship in the water. Although it is a compact city that was manufactured and marketed by Tata motors over a single generation in India.

Nano – The Budget car

Tata Nano is said to be the ill-fated budget car in India. The quality was somewhat low on their way but though everything was down, it has thrived to build its image within a few years which comes under only one generation. Tata Nano – The best challenging car was supposed to bring a revolution, it happens because Ratan Tata’s ambition was to provide his customers with safety-filled transport for every citizen in the world.

Tata Nano is one of the youngest cars among all which is small in size, price, and life span also. The Nano had poor ride comfort and issues in stability due to the lightweight condition of the body. By crossing all the struggles and failures Nano has a special place in many customers’ hearts for its appearance itself. Ratan Tata has proved that he doesn’t mind about the failures and made Nano the best challenging car in a revolution till eternity!