Test that reveals whether prospects will actually buy

Test that reveals whether prospects will actually buy

Test that reveals whether prospects will actually buy is the most important aspect that a sales rep should check. They should have the ability to determine who is actually going to take a product or service from you.

Qualify your time

The sales rep may have a deadline to get the prospects. Even the sales rep or the team lead may be the best consultant ever or may be the product expert in the world. But if they spend their time on the prospects who are not going to take any service from them then its not at all going to prove them as the former.

A best sales rep should spend their time influencing right people who are actually qualified to the service you provide; in this way you will be a successful salesperson.

Now, how do you choose the qualified prospect?

It is not at all easy to qualify a right prospect. First thing you should analyze is do they have a need or do they have a problem that may be fitted by your esteemed product or service. People who are hungry will never ask for cosmetics or people who are healthy will never go for treatments. So, make sure that your product or service can help them solve or get their need.

Second thing you have to focus on their desire. You should check whether your prospect really have a desire towards your product or service? Without having a heartful desire you can’t waste time on that prospect.

Thirdly, you have to focus on their ability to take up your service. Will they act on this immediately or they need time to react? It’s advisable just to give an overview about your business to the people who don’t have the ability to do so currently. You may keep them for future reference.

If the answer to any one the questions is No, then you are killing your time in search of your prospects. You should just move on keeping them in wish list. But if your concerned prospect is okay with all the above questions then you can add them to the cart.

End of the test

Test for action will be the highlight in choosing your prospects. It will happen only when your prospects demonstrate their commitment. It will reveal their seriousness towards your business.

This is nothing but you can propose some assignments in kind of forms and ask the prospects to fill them prior to the purchase. The prospects who are very keen about it will take up interaction within the deadline. You can check their interaction level with that. People who don’t even shake their heads toward this would not have any desire over your business. Don’t waste your time by going behind them but keep touch with such prospects because in future they may gain some true desire towards your business.

I hope Test that reveals whether prospects will actually buy will be very useful to choose your prospects in a right way.