The best brands on Instagram 2020

The best brands on Instagram 2020

The best brands on Instagram 2020! Ya, it’s always been interesting to know about the best, right.
Let’s enter into the obvious best brands.

First comes Recess, which has 102k followers, one of the late 2020’s best companies. Even though with so much stress and turmoil, it’s no wonder Recess has found their audience through their engaging content. More than Recess as a water brand, they claim the other way around, as their bio conveys, Recess is”an antidote to modern times. drink and powders to help you feel calm cool collected”. The main reason to consider it the best brand may be that Recess has chosen to take a completely organic approach.

The second brand is Teva with 578K followers. This company created the sports sandal category in 1984. Many people remember the brand as the dad-sandal of their youth. This shift occurred primarily as people began to regard casual dad sandals as a fashion statement. This company uses professional photography and user-generated content in a mix, which was received from Teva fans who used the hashtag #strapinfreedom. It now recycles the old sandals and give it a rebirth. Teva sandals are for everyone, making them one of the best brands on Instagram.

Third comes drinkhaus with 64.5K followers. One of the alcohol brands that claims to be the best on Instagram. The success of this brand took place during the pandemic as many liquor shops were closed and people had no other way than online purchasing. In the beginning of the pandemic, Haus changed its focus from self-promotion to the restaurant project. The bottles were sold online with complete profit as a token of support to their restaurant partners. However, Haus’s overall business will grow by 500 percent by the end of January 2021.

Fourth comes girlsnightinclub, which has nearly 134K followers. This brand focuses on young women’s weekends by recommending the best in culture, lifestyle, and self-care. This was launched in 2018, and it already has a following.

The fifth brand, no doubt, is Bala bangles, with 90.3k followers. This is the brand for stylish wrist and ankle weights. It was launched in 2017. Though their posts don’t look like most of the content within the fitness industry, their approach was very artistic with videos and photography, which is inspiring and which caught the eyes of the major media and retail partners.
This blog contains the five best brands on Instagram 2020. Today in 2023 brands like Brit+Co, Onnit, Shopify, Sephora, bulletproof and many other brands invaded into it and ruling the Instagram. Let us see the best brands of 2023 in the upcoming blog. Anyhow the competition between brands is increasing and some brands keep their position stable even for years.