The chronicle of Zomato and its evolution

The chronicle of Zomato and its evolution

The chronicle of Zomato and its evolution is the spiciest and most tasty delivery sector. Who founded Zomato? What is the secret behind its quick success? How many delivery employees working in Zomato? How does it reach the customer without any delay? The answers come one by one. Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah is the founder of Zomato in 2008.

It has made easy food delivery from surrounding places at the right time. What I always remember is when I think of Zomato, it is all about the ever-crunchy story of KFC chicken. I don’t know why. Maybe I would have been fond of KFC. They never mistrust the customer by delaying. Never made us wait despite any emergency. The food was hot and spicy all time. The story of Swiggy is one of the largest food delivery platforms which is also one of the most fantastic chronicles to read about.

Save the date

According to the locality with respective restaurants, Zomato provides fulfilled food. It has a valuation of dollar 5.4 billion on 22nd February 2021. The headquarters of Zomato is located in Gurugram, India. The revenue of Zomato is 540 dollars. The official website of Zomato is An Indian food delivery start-up that provides concrete information about menus. Both the founders are IIT graduates who were working with Bain and Co in New Delhi before both came forward to launch Zomato. In the initial stage, Zomato was known as ‘Foodie Bay’.

Zomato tuned in on 13th July 2021. The chronicle of Zomato and its evolution has celebrated its birthday in the style on 10th July 2021. Pramod Rao, who served Zomato as the VP of marketing. First, they started uploading soft copies of the menu card on the webpage. This was a good time saving for them. Soon, the website was fighting with traffic. So they expanded the webpage so that everybody in the city could use it. Initially, foodie bay started in Delhi, and then the sector service was elaborated to Mumbai and Kolkata. In 2010, foodie bay was modifing as Zomato. Their statement and goal are “to ensure nobody has a bad meal”.

The Co-founder of Zomato Pankaj declared that the view of Zomato is to perform like a global platform when someone is looking for food locally. To reduce the confusion with the webpage of eBay they transformed foodie bay into Zomato which is memorized easily. This tagline “never have a bad meal” is cent percent true and they are proving it all day.

Business and revenue model

The chronicle of Zomato and its evolution has the main source of the business model and revenue model. The major source of the revenue model is advertising in the channels which is following via commissions. It also works on a commission business model. Home delivery increased during the covid period when no people were to come out of the house. The home delivery sector was high during the pandemic. The most hurdle in the delivery journey was finding the right address at a tight time without any misplacements of the food. Domino’s India might take its business away through food delivery commissions. Uber Eats was acquiring with the help of Zomato. There were a lot of issues against Zomato in the charging commissions and cyberattacks. Zomato has invested in fifteen companies and everything was worth investing in. The companies like,

1.           Urban Piper

2.           Blink it

3.           Grab

4.           Tinmen

5.           Cure fit

And so on. The chronicle of Zomato and its evolution in the Indian ecosystem of start-ups has grown far and wide ever since it brought in the idea of food delivery. With respect to its growth, Zomato has planned its ultra-fast food deliveries. At present Zomato can deliver food within 10 minutes which makes the customers satisfy their cravings and hunger as soon as possible. Zomato keeping its growth in mind is racing toward profitability. Above all, Zomato fulfills the taste of the customer at right time.