The History and evolution of twitter

The history and evolution of twitter

The history and evolution of Twitter is a successful storyline to know it today. We would be curious to know, who founded Twitter? When was it started? What is the purpose of Twitter? What is the struggle behind today’s Twitter application? Yeah, sure we would be thinking of some specific questions to be clarified. Basically, “TWITTER” is a social networking company that services people to interact and connect digitally with their tweets. Twitter is founded by “Jack Dorsey”, who was a stammering boy in his childhood, so his wish is, to convey his thoughts and ideas in a short and simple method due to his disorder. He was the one who insisted on the idea of making up of application named Twitter. In 2006-07, he went and worked as an employee in a podcast company called “ODEY” the co-founder of Odey company was “Evan Williams” and “Biz Stone”. Once, Odey co-founders were in the state of nil, they don’t know what step to take further. Meanwhile, Jack Dorsey insisted his idea of Twitter into them and made to think about it curiously. Next, with the help of “Noah Williams”, a software developer and an entrepreneur, started working on the process of making Twitter the type of SMS service to communicate with small groups.

Success is a beautiful treasure that every individual will be craving, especially in the business world. In the history and evolution of Twitter, it happened with a combination of four founders. On 21st March 2006, Jack Dorsey and co have launched the Twitter app successfully in San Francisco, California, United States, but the application name was “TWTTR” and later after six months they had changed it into “TWITTER”. The first tweet on Twitter was by Jack Dorsey, i.e.) just setting up my twttr is the first-ever tweet. Bringing twitter into the technical world was hugely beneficial for each one of us because Twitter is the only highly reachable application around the world. We also have some incidents to be remembered. In San Francisco, at the time of the earthquake, people tweeted it on Twitter for their emergency and safety purposes, which was the helping hand to share the information on the Twitter ecosystem. The Twitter company was also updated with a live option to showcase a video of what was happening at present during those days, and it is highly useful at present too. The Twitter application had been a big platform during emergencies in the Chennai flood, Egypt’s big revolution, and in Tamil Nadu for Jallikattu.

The growth of Twitter is something that uplifts the company’s profit and the user’s engagement on Twitter. In 2009, during the election campaign of Barak Obama, Twitter had been a great platform for people to raise their queries. In that way, twitter’s evolution has begun. The history and evolution of Twitter also includes the step-by-step growth of Twitter with the help of users. In 2010, every celebrity started using Twitter and making millions of followers. It can be an announcement of a movie, trailer poster, etc. The fan base has begun their interaction with each other. That is the time when Twitter was greatly welcomed by all types of users. Twitter was an information network more than a social network. But during 2009, investors of Odey company discouraged the initiation of the Twitter network, but unfortunately, they are also a follower of the Twitter network today. Twitter has faced lots of rising and fall in its evolution because there was no proper profit in simple tweeting, but after that, they started to update more and bring a new option to access on the Twitter network. Like, they brought out retweeting options, hashtags, looping video clips of six seconds to enhance the connectivity of both the people and the application network.

At present, Twitter is playing a major role in the social media network, where people get more benefit out of it via connection and interaction. It is all because of the struggle and situation faced by the founders through the life history of Twitter. The history and evolution of Twitter brought huge new updates and few restrictions like only 140 words being written, this happens because Jack Dorsey wants to convey the idea or information just in an effortless way. But now it has been updated into 280 words and more techniques are added recently to improve the application. At present, forty-four crore members are on Twitter as users, and information in lakhs is shared via tweets on Twitter. Users also innovated some techniques like usage of @ (mention the other users), and #(hashtags), by this, the founders have brought out the icon options to access on Twitter. The important history to remember of Twitter is that first live tweet from the international space station by TJ Creamer. Every field has its uniqueness, by that way Twitter has grown tremendously from 2006 to till now by circumventing more struggles to conquer their target.