The inspiring story of ever tasty Café Coffee Day

The inspiring story of ever tasty Café Coffee Day is as hot as the coffee they offer for people. Most of us know that the company has faced a catastrophe. But it has raised and been competing successfully with other renowned brands like Starbucks. The success story of Starbucks differs from the story of Café Coffee Day. It is not easy for Café Coffee Day to rise from the fall and to restart from where they left. With strong courage and hope, Malavika Hedge, wife of V.G. Siddhartha, took in charge of Café Coffee Day and brought back to where it was. From then, she has been a superwoman in guiding Café Coffee Day towards its success path. Thus, it will be motivating to know the inspiring story of ever tasty Café Coffee Day.

Early days of Café Coffee Day

Café Coffee Day has evolved as a favorite place for people to have coffee and conversations with friends and colleagues. As a Bangalore based company, it is an Indian multinational chain of coffeehouses. The ever first Café Coffee Day outlet was opened in 1996 by V.G. Siddhartha at Bangalore, Karnataka. Since the beginning itself, it has won the hearts of millions of Indians with their coffee and tea supplies. This added the advanced growth behind the inspiring story of ever tasty Café Coffee Day. And it has been established even across countries after few years of its initial opening. Thus, the extension of Café Coffee Day is seen as quick as their success race.

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee is the tagline of Café Coffee Day in their initial days. This sets right in connecting the founder’s journey with Café Coffee Day. V.G. Siddhartha comes from a family that holds a 135 years history of growing coffee. After completing his studies, he has been left with two options. One lies in starting his own business and the another one is supporting his family business of growing coffee plants. He went on his own choice of not getting into family business. Hence, he got a job of management trainee for stock market at J.M. Finance in Mumbai. He learned many ideas from that job and started a financial firm. The interesting fact is that he turned to take care of his family business.

The inspiring story of ever tasty Café Coffee Day starts from Siddhartha’s meet with the owner of Tchibo, a leading German coffee brand. Tchibo’s story has inspired and as well as influenced Siddhartha in doing something different with coffee beans. In 1992, he began Coffee Day Global as a coffee business which involves procuring, processing and roasting coffee beans. They also retailed coffee products. Within two years, they attained a huge development as a coffee exporter.

On a business trip, Siddhartha got an idea to expand his business across the country. But in 1996 only, the first outlet was opened in Bangalore as Café Coffee Day. Its growth was tremendous that in the year 2011, the company had more than thousand outlets together in India and across the world. Isn’t it an awe moment to hear the success rate of Café Coffee Day. Sure, it will inspire many souls with its rapid growth.

Café Coffee Day has won the category of “Best Coffee Bar” at the Times Food Award in 2007. It also holds the bronze prize for being the third exporter of green coffee. In 2014, Café Coffee Day received the award of “Retailer of the Year” for being an excellent brand by ABP news. When searching for the story of Café Coffee Day, don’t forget to also search about tea products such as the ever hottest story of chai kings, which was famous for tea like Café Coffee Day’s coffee.

A sudden chaos

When everything was going smooth with the business, a sudden chaos entered the business of Café Coffee Day. It went into bank corrupt and the founder Siddhartha thought it was hard to face such dilemma. So, he went missing and after two days, he found dead in a river in Karnataka. The report declared it as a suicide. He did this because he thought that he failed as an entrepreneur. It portrayed as an end of Café Coffee Day. But it was not an end. It again gained its track with a new person as a guiding star.

New step with new CEO

After the tragic incident, the company underwent a big downfall. But, Malavika Hedge, wife of Siddhartha became the CEO of Café Coffee Day and made the impossible a possible one. She saved Café Coffee Day from dying. For that, she introduced new methods to save the company as well as to clear its debt. She closed the outlets that gave little profits and demanded to attract customers with same price of items. By getting new investors and focusing on a clever strategy, Malavika reduced the debt to its minimal amount as of 2021. After that, she is running Café Coffee Day more successfully rather than leaving it disappeared. Thus, once again Café Coffee Day has regained its position with the extraordinary guidance of Malavika.

Her hope and untiring battles have given the fruit of the inspiring story of ever tasty Café Coffee Day to be alive today. Let’s take her journey as an inspiration and work harder with self confidence to achieve what seems to be difficult.