The Pillar page and its types

The Pillar page and its types

The pillar page and its types. It’s a centralized hub which connects the targeted clusters. It is also known as a content pillar or power page. This is a web page that covers the overall topic in depth and links to the clusters of related topics. The commonly used pillar pages are 10x content pillar pages, resource pillar pages, and product or service pillar pages.

10x content pillar page

A 10x content pillar page contains the content you own and control. This is similar to a eBook or a guide. The unrestricted educational content meets the needs of both the search engine and the site visitor. Site visitors benefit because they can view the content before downloading it. The content must be valuable enough to prompt the readers to keep it in a single document. The form-filling readers can be the better qualified leads. They willingly give their information even after seeing most of your content.

Resource pillar page

This resource pillar page is a bookmarkable reference page. When you are creating pages like this, give importance to your linking strategy. There are three ways to create it. The external focused page is the first one. This type of resource pillar page is made up of mostly external links. Next, a brand-focused resource page. These resource pages are designed as lead-nurturing master classes and pair thematic content with links to more detailed topic clusters in various formats of the brand. Lastly, a series of related pages. The third type ensures an effective inbound strategy. This resource page is connected to a series of 10x content pillar pages that make up a comprehensive training series.

Service pillar page

If you are in a business where the product and service have too many multiplications, then this service pillar page will benefit you. There are multiple questions that can be answered using this pillar page. For example, types of services, monthly management benefits, step-by-step approaches, account setup process, and also pricing. It is well optimized and clear for an audience looking for paid media services. In particular, this pillar page is mostly preferable for the decision stage.

Many people are unsure whether a pillar page is a blog post or a website post. The answer is, it depends upon the entire site structure. For instance, HubSpot site uses both blog post and a website post. It uses a blog format for educational pillars to focus on the awareness stages. I hope “The Pillar page and its types” is very helpful for the beginners, thank you!