The role and power of obstacles

Obstacles are not the blockers. Every block in life has the potential to become a giant corporation. Microsoft, Google, Face book, and Instagram became giants as someone did notice the block and used their common sense to take a hammer around that problem to get a solution. Giving some undivided attention to what is around us can help to spot the obstacles. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to spot the obstacle like the rock we talked about in the previous section. Once the obstacle is noticed, all we need is guts and common sense to remove the block. Bigger the problem, bigger the opportunity. How big a corporate can grow depends upon how much of a problem we solve and for how many peopleThe evolution of the search engine concept is nothing but a pragmatic solution to a major obstacle in the digital technology revolution, how to make information available instantly anywhere in the world. With it, the right information could be made available to the right people and at the right time. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the co-founders of Google search engine are examples of people who saw opportunity in an obstacle. Once Google was born in the dorm rooms of these PhD students, it attracted the attention of not only the academic community worldwide but also investors who could take it to place it deserved. And the rest, as they say, is history. So, if you have that one idea, or that one innovation, but don’t have the capital, worry not. If it’s a good idea, the investors will queue up for you.


So to clue you in on the secret to success where obstacles are concerned; do not fear obstacles. Welcome them. Hidden in them lie various opportunities.

All you need to do is perhaps alter your view point or perspective just like in the story and you will suddenly glimpse that opportunity. After that it is about perseverance in pursuing your goal with a dedicated single-mindedness.