The Twitter Ad Campaign Explained


Before we get deep into the Twitter Ad Campaign, here’s a small introduction.

Every business has 5 important aspects: value creation, marketing, sales, value delivery, and finance. Social media is an effective tool to upskill your business game if used wisely. Twitter is an effective tool to grow your business. The Twitter ad campaigns are created solely for this purpose. Keep reading to learn more about the ways to get maximum benefits using Twitter ad campaigns.

This article discusses:

  • What is a Twitter Ad Campaign?
  • How to Choose the Right Campaign?
  • Advertisements on Twitter
  • Twitter Ad Campaign – Best Practices
  • How to set up the Twitter Ad Campaign?
  • How to Select the Target Audience?
  • Bidding Strategies

What is a Twitter Ad Campaign?

Do you have an awesome business idea, but don’t know how to marketize it? Then these Twitter ad campaigns are specifically designed for you. Let’s take a case where a girl called Ashley starts a flower shop. Ashley puts a lot of effort into her shop, but she does not get the same result. Since her shop is new, she wants to make it discoverable to a lot of people.

So when Ashley was thinking about how to achieve this, her friends suggested to her about the Twitter ad campaigns. Twitter ad campaigns help you expand and grow your business when there are not a huge amount of people following you. You can use Twitter ad campaigns to promote your tweets and connect with a lot of new people.

How to Choose the Right Campaign?

Have a clear idea of your goal. Twitter offers three different utilities for three different purposes. They are:

  •  Awareness
  • Consideration
  •  Conversion


It is used to reach a large number of people within a stipulated amount of time. If you need to make your brand famous or make many people know about your company, awareness is the perfect option for you. This also gives potential new – customers to you


Mainly used by influencers and content creators to get more people to watch their videos, to increase their website clicks, To get people to download their app, To get more people to discover and engage with your tweet.


Generally used by app developers or companies to make their apps discoverable to a lot of people. This usually provides a sneak peek of the app. Upon clicking it, you will be redirected to the play store, where you can install the app.

Advertisements on Twitter

Before we get all deep into Twitter Ad Campaign, Advertisements on Twitter are something that should not be overlooked. There are 5 types of advertising methods on Twitter.

Promoted Tweets

They are similar to regular tweets except for the fact that they are paid to be displayed in your timeline. You can easily spot out promoted tweets and they appear with a “promoted” sign in the lower-left corner. 

Twitter Ad campaign

For example, the above tweet by youtube India is an example of promoted tweets. You can clearly see the promoted sign at the bottom.

Promoted accounts

These are similar to promoted tweets, except for the fact that they are used to promote an entire account. These accounts are displayed in the “Who to follow” section in the potential follower’s timeline.

Twitter Ad Campaign

For example, in the above user’s who to follow section, Salesforce Careers appear as a promoted account.

Promoted Trends

Twitter is all about what’s new and trending. The promoted trends are shown at the top of the explore page and it is limited to two views per person per day. 

Promoted moments

Theyare basically promoted stories that you can see. This is still in the testing phase

Twitter Ad Campaign – Best Practices

Including Multimedia Content

Most of the successful ads have multimedia content to help the customer have a clear picture of the product. Consider our previous example, Ashley can use an image of her exclusive flower bouquet or the process of making a bouquet to attract more customers.

Alternatively, she can also provide website links to her online store, which helps the customer to understand better about her offerings. Apart from this, she can use carousel ads (5 to 10 ads under a single heading and each ad having its own set of links) and moment ads to further enhance the chances of finding a potential customer.

Be Creative

While preparing an ad, find how the customers connect to it. For example, in Ashley’s case, she can explain the meaning of different flowers, so this connects to the audience and they can get the right flower at the right moment. She can also share the picture of her happy customers and how her flowers saved the occasion.

Bidding Strategy

Twitter recommends using Automatic Cost bidding to save your cost and ads are updated based on real-time dynamics.


Based on the activity of users, Twitter recommends the users who can be the potential clients for your business.

Result Analysis

When your campaign goes live, the engagement of users can be tracked and the trends can be analyzed. Based on this you can make changes in your marketing strategy.

Twitter Analytics can be helpful in this process.

How to set up the Twitter Ad Campaign?

  • Select the right utility based on your goal (discussed in the previous section)
  • Fill in the necessary details about your ad campaign
  • Create an ad group
  • Set the bid
  • Select the target audience
  • Select the creatives
  • Launch the campaign

How to Select the Target Audience?

Keep in mind the following demographics while selecting the target audience.


Gender is an important point while choosing your target audience. For example, beauty products are more likely to attract women more than men. This has to be kept in mind while designing your tweets.


Age is another factor that plays an important role in choosing your clients. For example, A tech gadget company is more focused on teenagers and young adults compared to people above the age of 60


Some products sell well only in specific locations. This is another point that needs to be considered


This is closely associated with the location. The language of the advertisement must be the same as the language that is widely spoken in a particular region

Keyword Targeting

This allows you to reach out to people who search for a specific product.

Bidding Strategies

Twitter offers three types of bidding strategies. They are:

Automatic Bid

It is optimized to maximize the amount you receive. This type of bidding is suitable for advertisement newbies and this is the default type of bidding recommended by Twitter.

Maximum Bid

It allows the user greater control over how much he/ she pays per action that is billable. You can set the limit of payment per action and you won’t be charged beyond that.

Target Bid

This allows the user to specify or target a particular objective. Example – for link clicks or pay only for a certain action.


Twitter is an awesome community where you can have fun and also grow your business. There is no obvious guarantee for your ad campaign to take off immediately.

Consider using different variations to understand the Twitter Algorithm and use whatever works best for you.