The victory of the brand Adidas and Puma

The victory of the brand Adidas and Puma

The victory of the brand Adidas and Puma is greatly inspiring in today’s world. How did they name the brands Adidas and Puma? What is the relation between them? How did they succeed? A lot of questions arise when we start reading about the story of the two successful brands. It is all about the two German siblings who started manufacturing shoes, later on with sports shoes, spikes, running shoes, metal shoes, and more. They started to build up the shoe brands and both are related in some way and unfortunately, it is a related company after all. Puma was founded by Rudolf Dassler and later his brother Adolf found Adidas, and it became a band of brothers. Both together found a small shoe factory where their father was a shoemaker and Adolf started making shoes in the backside of his mother’s laundry and they wanted to break into the shoe market. Adolf is a technical manager where he was able to create more shoes and Rudolf being an excellent salesman started selling the product in the market.

Adolf and Rudolf together started a company named “Dassler brothers shoe factory”. In 1928, the German Olympic Athlete of Amsterdam Olympics used the shoes of the Dassler brothers and also in 1936 in Berlin Olympics. The victory of the brand Adidas and Puma are started with their struggle in their early life with not enough electricity to make the shoes and instead they used pedal power for their equipment which has helped them to circumvent the hard situation. Adolf was updating his version all the time, and during those days it was spike running shoes that were replaced with heavy metals spikes of rubber and canvas. Before World War II, two lakhs’ shoes have been sold and reached their heights. Jesse Owens used this production company in his sports and won four gold medals. During II World War, the company was controlled by the army and became anti-tank weapons, they made to stop the production of manufacturing shoes and provoked to manufacture shoes and boots for the soldiers instead of their actual creation.   

In 1948 the Dassler Brothers shoe company was closed and both of them started each separate factory of their brand. In the same German village. Two new shoe company was created on either side of the river, Adidas, and Ruda. The combination of the letter with their name Adolf created Adidas and Rudolf created Puma. Both became the big players to compete with another huge brand called Nike in the sports field. Adidas and Puma have become the great rivalry that is so strong. Most of the people started working under the company and where employees are not allowed to meet each other. In between, there was a rumor that Adolf and Rudolf loved the same girl and became an argument among them. The wives of both Adolf and Rudolf met with an argument and that’s also been a reason for their separation where Adolf’s wife took the initiative to convince the problem. Each part of their life has some relation towards their company. The victory of the brand Adidas and Puma can be seen in the fans club that they have created for each brand and also with the business rivals in the town has gone viral and got fame. For example, even in the football club players were divided into the shoe brand they wear, one was for Adidas players and one for the Puma wears. The handymen who came to Rudolf’s residence were asked to wear the Puma brand.

At present we all know that both the brand has come into the business with strong rivalry but only Adolf Dassler has won the business rival with the brand Adidas. It is glad and shocking to know that employees are not allowed to cross over to the other side, and they were also prohibited for dating and marriage between the employees of the two companies. Over time, Herzogenaurach is described as “the city of bowed necks”. People are started to look into our brands first before they talk to us. The victory of the brand Adidas and Puma is appreciable because both were very dedicated and hardworking in terms of business rivals, and also it is very interesting to know about the relationship between the two business partners. If both were not separated due to disagreements and misunderstandings, it would have been difficult to find the successful uniqueness of both brands.