The way to deal with negative comments

The way to deal with negative comments

The way to deal with negative comments. Hey buddy are you struck between the negative comments and confused with how to deal with that? Do you want to avoid feeling embarrassed in social medias especially for your business accounts? Come on Yaa its common and usual. Let we solve this problem using some of the best ways.

Respond as soon as possible to the negative comments

Make sure to give back reply without any delay even if it is a tweet or Instagram, Facebook etc.. If you leave it to linger then the problem is yours. If people see that unanswered negative comment, they might think that someone has complained and you have not yet responded. So don’t let them that you are careless. But don’t forget to apologize for the negative feedback. Don’t bother that their complaint is warranted or not, its always better to take the customer’s side and go accordingly. Your apology will never bring you down, it will gain you respect for the matter of apologizing. You all will have a doubt that what if the person’s complaint is silly. Then the public will realize and understand and you no need to think of it.

Take some private space

You can apologize in front of public, but it is not welcomed to solve the entire problem in front of the public. First you can give the answer back in the comment section. Later send them a private message to make them feel concerned. If you are explaining them in a private means, they feel cared and that will offer them a personal experience.

Show your concern

Make sure to appreciate their criticism after being apologized. It will totally change the mindset of the customer even from anger to peace. Don’t forget to ask how you can help them. If they responded make sure to satisfy the respective person to avoid further negative comments.

Be a creator

I have seen many accounts where they maintain a set of people to delete all the negative comments and feedbacks simply without bothering anything. Eventually it will destroy your image and no one will turn around. So don’t delete all negative comments unless it hurts someone privately. Mostly try to reply and solve the issues, so that the person who complained will also turn to be your loyal customer. And the people who follow your account will also gain confidence on you.

An end to deal with negative comments

To the contrary, don’t reply for each and every silly comments. Unless if it was negative feedback about your product or service. Even in that you may find dome people who just want you to turn back. They are just attention seekers and waste your time behind them. Not only for business purpose you can take some valid points for your personal use accordingly. So, I hope the way to deal with negative comments gave you a clear idea in mapping out your negative feedbacks and comments.