Things you should know to increase Brand awareness

Brand awareness can be simply said as to aware the audience about your brand. People knowing about your brand is a great deal. Until and unless, if people are not aware about the brand, how can you expect them to buy your product? In simple words, people should know your brand, to buy your product and if they know about the product, it will be easier for them to buy them again and again. A business cannot run, if the people aren’t aware about the brand. It’s a simple logic “Know the product = Buy the product”. Brands with high brand awareness can be called as popular products among the audience. Brand awareness seems to play a wider role especially, in the start of the business. You have to concentrate on marketing and promoting your company to increase the brand awareness of the product. Just because brand awareness cannot be determined in metrics, doesn’t mean it do not have a value. It is important for every kind of profit oriented business.

You might have a lot of questions about brand awareness, we are here to help you out. just scroll down below to find out your answers.

What is the importance of Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness promotes Trust

We live in a world where people buy things on recommendation from others. It is normal for anyone to purchase the products on recommendation than buying it on themselves. Even you can remember the times when you have purchased the product just because someone has recommended you. This is where the brand awareness plays the trick. Once we become familiar with the product, we purchase it repeatedly. This is where the trusts get transformed into loyalty. When products get familiar, it becomes easier for the customer to trust your product.

Brand awareness creates Association

When you’ve had a small injury, I bet you’ve put on Dettol. When you wanted your questions to be answered, you would have surely searched it in Google. When you wanted to eat something tasty, I’m guessing you would have cooked Maggie. When you are heading to picnic, we bet you would have definitely grabbed a coke to drink.

We are correct to some extent, aren’t we? Did you notice the words above are capitalized? These are Brands, not just noun or verbs. If we speak in brand-less terms, Dettol should have been referred as antiseptic liquid, Google as search engine, and Maggie as instant noodles. This is what brand awareness does. It associates actions and products with particular brands, that registers in our subconscious mind encouraging us to replace the common words with brand names.

Brand equity is built with Brand Awareness

In simple words, Brand awareness means Brand value. How can the brand awareness be increased? Simple, the customer should have positive experiences with your brand, only then there will be repetitive purchase from the same customer. High brand equity leads to higher stock price. The greater social impact due to high brand value.

Ways to build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness among audience cannot be increased overnight. Brand awareness cannot also be increased by a simple advertisement or marketing campaign.

If you think, the brand awareness will be increased after running a few product advertisements on Facebook, you cannot go much far. It will focus on product not the brand. Hence, it will just procure a simple sale.

So, here are simple ways to increase brand awareness and make a lasting foundation among audience.

Behave like a person, rather than a company:

We people have the mindset of trusting people much than trusting the companies. so, imagine like you are meeting a new friend, and you want to know about their hobbies, passions, likes, dislikes, and more. How will you get to know them? Only when you tell yours and make them comfortable that you mean no harm to them. Hence, be like you are a person and you’ve got to define yourself more than just selling goods. So, you should know to define yourself in such a way you’d define yourself to your friend. Leave an impact on audience

Mingle with others easily:

It is very important for a company to socialize with others. You should be connected with the audience to know them, and to tell them that you exist. It is just like humans, be extrovert and mingle with them easily and stay connected with them. This is how we are known by others. Same goes with the company too. To raise awareness about your brand you should be social. Post on social media regularly about things unrelated to your products or services, comment on the posts, retweet it if you like them. Treat your social accounts like finding people to make friends, not a business to make money.

Tell a narrative:

It’s not only the kids, who like storytelling. When the storytelling is good and creative enough to engage your audience, it works. What will you say? Anything which is true, you can tell about the founder, or the idea about starting your own business, or the struggles which you’ve overcome by turning your small business into a big one. people like hearing stories about each other. It is just the way how you serve it on the plate. This can lead to high boost in brand awareness.

Make Sharing Easy:

Brand awareness

It doesn’t matter what industry you are working in, make easy to share your content. This could be anything, blog posts, videos, social media posts. This plays a very important role especially in  word-of-mouth marketing. If someone recommends you a product or service, will you purchase it blindly or search about it in the search engine?

People will definitely explore about your product, and if its worth exploring, they will share it among their friends or family members. So, the content to be share should be made easy for the audience. It is simply about interacting to your audience through social media posts, blog posts, videos, and many more, without asking money.

We hope this has given you clear insights about the Brand awareness among audience and general public. You can never measure your brand awareness through metrics or numbers, but it always adds value to your brand and increases sales. So, make sure to increase your brand awareness in a proper way and take your business to a different heights.