TicketGoose.com Raises Second Round Funding of $3 Million

TicketGoose.com, a leading online bus ticketing portal, has raised second-round funding of $3 million from “Indventure LLC”, a Chicago based investor firm.


TicketGoose, the fastest growing online bus ticketing portal in India, is currently partnered with over 700 bus operators and 6,000 agents to cover 3,000 destinations, through 10,000 routes and 20,000 buses. TicketGoose has130 employees at its offices in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Commenting on the development, Karthi Easwaramoorthy, Co-founder and CEO, TicketGoose, said, “The year 2013 has seen tremendous growth in the industry and has been an important year for TicketGoose. The progress of the industry is an opportunity for us to invest further in improving our customer experience and build competencies that will address all customer pain points of the large bus travelling community in the country. With further growth expected in the industry, we hope to close the year with a turnover of Rs. 100 crore.”

Earlier in 2012 TicketGoose raised $1million in its first round of funding from US-based angel investors. The company has been closely working with experts to boost the online bus ticketing system in India and has invested in building a robust graphic-based website that allows users ease of navigation, comparative bus options and to also locate the boarding points with the help of an integrated Google map.

As a step towards improving passenger experience, TicketGoose has also launched a 24*7 customer support service. Through this service, passengers can call to find out the exact pick-up point for buses. Passengers can also get information on the approximate time of arrival, bus delays, etc. this facility also aims at providing safety to the female passengers where any issues can be escalated to the support team and necessary action will be taken by the concerned authorities.

About TicketGoose

TicketGoose.com is an online bus ticketing portal launched with an objective of providing flexibility, comfort and convenience to passengers travelling by bus. Headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, the website offers bus travellers a variety of options of buses with information like price, availability and booking facility for more than 3,000 destinations across India. Currently, TicketGoose.com associates with close to 1,000 bus operators and agents in India.