TicketGoose partners with Niki.ai to launch an intuitive chatbot

Online bus ticketing company TicketGoose.com has partnered Niki.ai, a start-up focused on Artificial Intelligence, to provide customers with a simplified and convenient bus ticket booking experience with the launch of an intuitive chatbot. This partnership is aimed at enhancing the customer experience on the mobile app.

TicketGoose’s partnership with Niki will enable customers to book bus tickets online through conversing with Niki on the TicketGoose mobile app. The artificial intelligence software stack that Niki.ai provides will enhance customer experience on the mobile app by making it bus ticket booking user-friendly. TicketGoose’s iOS and Android mobile app will both support the chatbot feature. Niki.ai also plans to introduce value-added services such as cab and hotel bookings integrated within its chatbot for its customers.

Commenting on the tie-up with Niki.ai, Mr Karthi Easwaramoorthy, President and Cofounder, TicketGoose, said, “We have been constantly pursuing interesting partnerships that will enable smart bus travel. Our partnership with Niki.ai was explored keeping this in mind. The updated version of the TicketGoose mobile app will provide customers with the ease of booking tickets through a conversational manner.”

Speaking on the partnership, Mr Sachin Jaiswal, CEO, Niki.ai said “We have worked on a software development kit which is being made available to our partners to integrate on their platforms (app and web) and utilize the technology of AI developed by us. Through our SDK, in less than three hours of integration effort, our partners can replicate the entire transactional experience across services over a chat interface and add value to their consumers.”

Niki.ai recently partnered with chatbot banking for HDFC Bank. Together, they have launched a chatbot called OnChat on Facebook’s Messenger platform that will allow users to recharge phones, pay utility bills, book cabs from Ola or Uber etc, through a chat.