TikTok tries to expand its presence by adding new features to it

TikTok tries to expand its presence by adding new features to it

                            TikTok tries to expand its presence by adding new features to it. TikTok was once the most famous application which is liked by everyone around the world. People who are interested to act in cinemas used this platform. And some use this application to enjoy. TikTok has one billion active monthly users globally. TikTok was the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they heard of short-form videos. Nowadays, social media rules the world. People spent most of their time on social media, some were unaware that they spent too much of their time. But some spent aware knowing that they spent more time.

                          TikTok has only fifteen seconds in video length when it is launched. Then, it started to extend its video length multiple times to expand its network. The application has slowed down and people started using Instagram reels and other apps which is similar to this. So, TikTok has extended its video length to reach more people or to get back the old customers. Longer-length video helps customer more to express more creativity. But the video length of fifteen seconds only reached more people than others. TikTok gives time video access for five minutes which helps to boost the company’s growth and ambition. And people called TikTok home for short-form videos. Many people are not even aware of long-form videos as they practiced short-form videos. People’s mindset has fixed that TikTok is for short-form videos.

                   People’s response was quite high on the streams. People like live streams of TikTok. Even TikTok has expanded its features by adding length videos that didn’t reach much to the people. And people only prefer short-length videos and TikTok is known for it. TikTok has extended its video up to ten minutes to make people express their creativity and to grow their company but people only prefer short length fifteen seconds’ videos. TikTok has influenced many peoples and the people who are using that are popularly called as TikTokers. It gives them a separate name. TikTok was launched in 2017 for both android and iOS except for China. Later, it is used all over the world including China after merge themselves with Musical.ly.

                                    Douyin was another most popular application which is similar to TikTok. Both the application reached people very fast and went popular all over the world. After TikTok merge with Musical.ly it hits millions of people and became the most downloaded application in the U. S. in the 2018th of October. One million downloads all over the world were reached by TikTok in the year 2019. And in the same year, it became the 7th most downloaded mobile application of the decade from 2010 to 2019. And it is also said that TikTok was the most downloaded application in Apple stores in the year 2018 and 2019. The application belongs to Facebook and was the only app that hits 3million downloaders since 2014. But, TikTok broke that by reaching 3billion downloaders and it became the first non-Facebook application to reach 3billion downloaders. TikTok was banned in India by the year 2020 and the downloads all over the world except for India are still increasing.