Tips to create an intriguing LinkedIn summary

Tips to create an intriguing LinkedIn summary will list out the important details to be included in the LinkedIn summary. To create a LinkedIn summary, one should create a LinkedIn account for themselves. Before knowing what is LinkedIn summary, it is primary to know what is LinkedIn? Why it is important to have a profile on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social network to connect with business people. LinkedIn summary is a detailed or brief note about the user of the account. It is also called LinkedIn bio or about section. This is a space to show your personal work experiences, achievements, skills and qualifications.

Why LinkedIn summary is important?

LinkedIn summary creates a path to connect with professional people. This happens with a good bio about yourself and your experiences. It is more like appealing the recruiters or hiring officials with an interesting LinkedIn summary. There will be of no use if the profile lacks a summary. LinkedIn summary is very crucial and a gateway to more opportunities. So, it is clearly defined to have an engaging LinkedIn summary to attract recruiters to your profile. Stating the uniqueness and personality of one’s own helps in increasing the chance of getting viewed by professional people. With this, tips to create an intriguing LinkedIn summary is here to guide for writing an engaging summary.

Tips for an intriguing LinkedIn summary

  • Form as a story
  • Use first person narration
  • Make use of possible keywords
  • Highlight strengths and skills
  • Include current position and background
  • Be genuine
  • Add attachments as proof

Form as a story

Before writing a LinkedIn summary, draft all the details that need to be included. Then, divide them with some connections. With the collected details, draft it into paragraphs as a story. It should not simply list out experience or each other details. Rather, it has to be engaging as a story. Describing your professional life and interests can boost up the initial stages. Going on, including future plans and ideas will picture you as a motivated person. Your story should have the beginning, mid and end parts.

Use first person narration

LinkedIn summary is an information about yourself. So, it has to be in first person narration, using “I” to describe yourself. It can be used as ‘I am working as’, ‘I have completed’ and so on. This is one of the main tips to create an intriguing LinkedIn summary.

Make use of possible keywords

One of the notable aspects of LinkedIn summary is to clearly include the keywords that are apt to appear in searches. When recruiters search for a candidate, they search with specific keywords. Thus, it is more significant to choose the right keywords for your bio. Use as many possible keywords in your summary. Keywords focus on job title, areas of interest and skills. Right fit keywords will ensure your profile to appear in the relevant searches. These keywords are also the strength of the content marketing platforms.

Highlight strengths and skills

Highlighting the strengths, skills and accomplishments is a deciding factor. That gives extra information about what are your abilities. Mention the abilities that you stand strong. Give an outlook on your skills that act as an advantage for the profession. On the other hand, provide the valid details of accomplishments so far. These are the aspects that make recruiters qualify and select you. In fact, it is the highly recommended tips to create an intriguing LinkedIn summary. Using LinkedIn profile summary examples, you can find how to put these in a connecting manner.

Include current position and background

While including other such details, the current position and the past positions are also need to be mentioned. Be genuine of all the details you write in LinkedIn summary. Providing the true information and also attachments are attached as proof. These are the tips to create an intriguing LinkedIn summary for your profile. With the help of this, create an engaging LinkedIn summary for more opportunities.