Tommy Hilfiger launched “Moving Forward Together”

Tommy Hilfiger launched "Moving Forward Together"

Tommy Hilfiger launched “Moving Forward Together”. Many of us are only aware of the brand Tommy Hilfiger. Primarily, we know it as a clothing brand, especially for its denim jeans and jackets. But very few will be heard about its philanthropic efforts to serve society in various forms. One such campaign is Moving Forward Together. This was launched in September 2020. It aimed to help both the fashion industry and those who are trying to recover from the impact of COVID-19 physically and mentally. It is the latest effort by the brand in the pandemic period. The brand donated 10,000 white T-shirts to the frontline workers. It also launched a collection by the Hilfiger community which proceeds to COVID-19 relief efforts.

Great Initiative

This campaign stated that, when we are facing enormous social and economic challenges, standing together is our biggest strength. So, the initiatives include local tailors and artisans who were affected by the pandemic and created new pieces of clothing with leftover materials and fabrics, re-imagining the styles from past seasons and marketing them digitally through Tommy Hilfiger’s website. This campaign was activated first in Düsseldorf and Hamburg by partnering with the local tailors and artisans there.

But many turned backward when it felt like they had been left off the agenda, when the pandemic was drastic. But Tommy takes every challenge as an opportunity and believes that it takes one step closer to achieving your dream. So, Tommy Hilfiger launched “Moving Forward Together” to help the fashion industry and creative people recover from COVID-19.

Customer engagement

The major reason for the brand’s success is how they make their customers involved in making the apparel themselves. This is enough to judge their consumer engagement. It also set up fundraisers and donated to the charity organizations. Their ambassadors are not just social media influencers; they themselves represent the cause. Many brands use influencers unrelated to the cause and fail to get consumer engagement. But Tommy Hilfiger used activists who cared about the cause in relation to society. This sense also forms an authenticity which brings their followers close to the brand.

Tommy Hilfiger’s “Moving Forward Together”

With the Spring 2021 Moving Forward Together campaign, it encouraged people all over the world to unite for a brighter future. Many talented people are involved in this campaign, including Indya Moore, Jameela Jamil, Tom Grennan, and others. Through this campaign, these people shared their journeys and struggles to inspire the next generation to strive for a better society. It resulted in a better future.