Top Footwear companies in India

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Top Footwear companies in India is something that pull you behind brands. I remember my dad used to tell me that good shoes take you good places and I strongly believe in that. If you have a fantasy over footwears and if you are a person of brand, definitely it will feed your search.

Adidas India Marketing

This brand is static over many years, static over a standard that never fall. It yet to hit a century where it is founded in 1924 and renamed as Adidas in 1949. In India it markets sports shoes, other sports products and accessories since 1996 and today it attracted people from various fields. It is a part of Adidas Group, global leader in the sporting goods industry. If you are attracted by the brands such as Taylor Made, Rockport and Reebok? Then you should know this Adidas is the parent company of all your favorite. It made many to feel the presence of Sachin, Dhoni or many eminent sports players within themselves.

Bata India Ltd

India’s largest retailer and leading manufacturer. It stepped into India in 1932 and I think it crossed a generation because I still remember my grandparents told me about this company as a brand. Still people from rural to urban carry Bata over their foots because Bata shoes and slippers are suitable for the Indian feet and climate conditions, this reasons a lot for its huge success.

Khadim India

Khadim India is a leading footwear company but people from south rarely knew it. The company’s brands include British Walkers, Lazard, Turk, Cleo, Sharon, Pro, Soft touch etc. You may find leather and non-leather sandals, boots and moccasins which includes sports shoes. This brand may be well known to school going as it provides various school shoes.

Puma Sports India

Here comes another well known brand which is very familiar to new generation people since it places its feet into India in 2006. It appeals people through trendy footwears and apparels. The reason for its vibrancy is it is headquartered in Bangalore where many people have their walks of life. Puma was the last among the competitors like Nike and Adidas into the market. Once in 2015 it surpassed all other brands in India and became the No.1 sportswear brand in India.

Next comes, Relaxo Footwears Ltd was founded in the year 1976 and it is headquartered in Delhi. It involves in manufacturing and trading of footwear and related products. Companies under this brand include Hawali, Flite, Sparx, Schoolmate, Elena etc.

All these five brands come under Top Footwear companies in India and I hope it fed you with some classy brands within India.