User engagement – The key for every successful business

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Every Business starts with the word “B” but it cannot be completed without the letter “C”. You could be thinking what am I talking about !.If you have guessed that the word  “C” represents a customer then please tap your shoulder for having an amazing presence of mind. This phrase is very popular which states “Customer is the king.” We are going to see how user engagement will lead to the successful  business growth. Every secret of a company is how can we make our customer happy either by service or products they need. When we hear about i-phone even without any past experience we start loving that product because of exposure. 

 The value of User Engagement 

The user engagement can also be called Product Engagement. It is an interaction with your users within your product or through an app. The product management which deals with all possible criteria such as user experience while buying the product, through using process and during future enhancement of that. Every product decides its journey by the way of interest the customer shows on product and its wait for updated version. Tata is a very good example of trust and very interactive user engagement .They have won the hearts of billions of Indian people by its dedication and efforts for making their products a true lasting and totally engaged.

 Important key aspects of User Engagement

Before talking about customer engagement ,let’s know this fact that we all are consumers from the other side.Even a businessman uses the product of another company’s businessman product.Indirectly we all are consumers.lets see from the customer side about its needs and  durability.when we put our feet in the shoe of customer ,we get an exact idea on how customer are facing and what kind of product would be a saviour.

 If people are using your product and they are recommending it to their relatives and friends which means they are giving a very important signal to your team regarding their experience.the customer experience plays a very vital role as it will help you to grow and expand your business.

The consumers  who value your products are more likely to renew their subscriptions and would recommend your product to their friends and acquaintances.

Contrarily,if customers are not happy with your product they won’t renew or recommend your product,this would lead to the decline in your company sales.The measurement of unsatisfied customer can be done with a term called “churn”.The churn measures the unsatisfied customers and their reviews can easily be measured in various ways.

Highly  successful Products such as SaaS products  which have achieved negative collection of churn. In such cases  where the churn is known, it is very   important for getting customer real reviews.

Constructing an Engagement tunnel

The  motive behind an engagement funnel is to categorise  the  user population into various  groups based on their level of engagement  and interest with your product. By  Calculating your total user population, you’ll have two kinds of people, one with total activeness and another with inactive tier population. It is highly  recommended to  follow one more  step further by making another tier of users that are more deeply engaged with user engagement activities.

Total number of users: The denominator. Another simple way of calculating it which indicates the number of non users from a few months and the number of customers who are highly  unidentified without any proper reason.the data which every company has during shopping times keep changing and very few customers get attached again if they find lucrative offers.

By following certain methods which speaks about engagement funnel: 

  • Analyse and picturise the breakdown of your whole consumer population on various  levels of engagement
user engagement funnel_digitalvillage karthi easwaramoorthy
  • Calculate the percentage of your whole user population that is diligently using your product
  • Calculate the percentage of that diligent user population that is even more focused  on your product.
  • Rapidly figure out where in your engagement funnel your team should focus its efforts.

Calculating User Engagement

Calculating user engagement which will talk about your company profit and growth can be viewed in different scenario ,The foremost by calculating Active user / Total User Population which will give your happy customers and on other side you can check with On site medias, online streaming apps, E-commerce store and enterprise software.

  • Onsite social media: frequent usage, views, time on page, clicks, searches, comments, shares
  • Online music App: Frequent usage, time spent in app, songs listened to, playlists created, friends added
  • Online store: Monthly usage, adding items to cart
  • Individual  finance app: Weekly usage, optimising bank accounts, create a budget, enable notifications, view dashboard
  • Enterprise software: Monthly usage, create reports, share reports, invite users

From this report we must have a look at Negative response which clearly says unsubscribe, declining the membership ,changing the product .Which could be a sign of unhappy service for the customer. There could be various reason for declining the active membership and finding out an reason will help for the company Growth.


Determining the user engagement will help us to  understand the value that the consumer always finds in a saga to get attached to your product and that will lead to the product Success. Top user engagement is essential to finalise your product, making trustable customers, and bringing company growth.

Hence as we have come to an end I would like to brush up by saying that every user gets engaged with a product only when he start trusting and believing in terms of Security ,family health and individual what are you waiting for start upbringing your company growth by making loyal customers and optimizing it for future growth of the company .The product measure must be an important check and must be added in your to – do list which will help your company for the growth. Happy customer Building and bringing new better technology for the betterment of humankind.