UX design and its top blogs to follow


You would be amazed to know that there is no  exact definition for this word as generally it is quoted asUser Experience “design . The user experience has many dimensions .It has many roles starting from competitor analysis, Customer Analysis and user research, Product Structure and strategy, content developing, prototyping and wire framing, Testing and iteration, Coordination With UI design and Analysis and Iteration. After reading this you could be tired but the role of UX design does not ends here, it has lots more to give.

Let me define the UX design based on the above process:

 The  UX design is the operation  of  plotting (physical or digital -based) products that are functional, easy to use, portable and delightful to interact with. It is all  about increasing the experience that people will  have while interacting with your product, and making sure they love and find worth  in what you’re giving.  

Goal of UX design:

The target   of UX design  is to “better  customer happiness and fulfillment through the utility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with a product and while using it.” These statements reminds the quotes “ Customer is the king”.

The motive behind choosing UX as your interest

A very big motive to go for UX design is because it is an industry top Trending topic and to be a professional who is looking in this industry. The same way the profession like graphic design and web development.UX design has emerged for a reason and is very important topic to look for . It is  about developing a better digital world for humanity and the well being of society. This  field always requires innovation, logical thinking and creative ideas to rule this world. 

UX design and illustration becomes important as it will dircetly helps you to know every angle of consumer angle especially their interest and their buying strategy for the upcoming years.According to the study the professionals who are hired for Ux design are usually paid very high as they understand the consumer or customer mindset and lead the company based on that.let’s go through some useful tools and resources .what are we waiting for!!

Let’s bring to light some of useful tools and resources

The UX blog is one of the great places to discover new tools for many things such as  trade or improvement in technology. Many UX blogs contain very  useful guides on the way to use these designing tools or UX tools. It is a wonderful place to look for many heart -throbbing inspirational examples when it comes to  design and especially UI – design.

ux design tools_digitalvillage_karthi easwaramoorthy

Moreover, many of these design blogs on the  list are full of examples, and illustrations etc… There are so many other resources which will help you to locate many tools and significant ways to make it more compatible and portable.

Let’s go through a few of the UX blogs which will keep you updated with the trend.

1.Smashing Magazine

This magazine is very famous among those techno -savvy people who have  interest in the area of digital designing work.. These UX magazine  blogs have  frequent posts that are up-to-date and highly informative  and written by UX design experts such as Nick Babich and Vitaly Friedman.

This Magazine covers almost everything  from monthly web development and lots more.It also lists many important design developments every month.

Here,You can find many fashions and approaches from other UXers in this field. The best part of this   UX blog is that it even includes many  interesting and less touched-upon topics. You can find posts on  various subjects such as  psychology, biology, and the design area.

2. Nielsen Norman Group

You could have guessed by now that this is quite a familiar name and if you are thinking that, then you are right. Yes he is the co -founded the UX founding features he is also known as the UX father. Many educational driven research and Ux design are still driven from his ideas and philosophy.

Almost many  topics of this blog revolve around user testing and user behavior of the user consumer. They  post features  on UX for ecommerce, mobile design ,user friendly and portability. While the posts are science oriented,  they’re written  in such a way which makes readers have more quest and patience less for upcoming blogs.The intensity level of their blog increases rapidly.

3.UX Matters

This blog focuses on research, usability and design of the Ux. It has  tips for everyone for  beginners as well as  advanced designers with lots of experience oriented research, including out of the area topics which are away from these topics are also  covered.

In this blog you can find n -number  of practical tips for UX designers ,in case you stayed out of budget during research, it would make you stay on budget during research, and while communicating with developers. It gives you details of a wide range of interesting  topics. you can also find topics on industry 2.0 such as AI with UX design,it will deal with AI tools which will make your design more awesome.

4.UX Magazine

 This blog regularly publishes posts with tagging headlines about the  trending topics in UX design and cover. They cover a wide range of valuable and exciting points concerning AI design and bot design and many other technologies.

This UX blog is the right destinatio to hold on for news on nearby conferences and training opportunities in the field of UX design. Moreover, it’s a great place to connect with other designers in this field, as you can register and create an account too.

7. UX Movement

It is   brilliant for great  visuals and for tabulating examples of UX-friendly website and smart devices app design. Apart from finding many posts ,they are  concerning design principles and practical information.

So finally we are at the end of this beautiful journey ,This journey had many beautiful stops where we learnt about UX design and its various uses. Various types of blogs. Apart from these UX blogs site there are many others blogs too. Keep learning and keep growing.