Be a creator

Karthi Easwaramoorthy and Vellar college

This is the talk to kick off the conceptual lab called Creative Café at VET Institute of Arts and science college in Erode. Creative Café is the place where students or anyone for that matter can learn and practice to be creators. It trains people on how to bring out their thoughts and emotions onto a table as text, audio, image, and video. If we are good at putting our thoughts and emotions on paper, we probably learned the art of thinking clearly.

The spicy café session gives the fundamental information about the creative café in a nutshell which is to nourish the creativity in an individual. “Imagination is the key to creative but only imagination can’t lead a path to success” this is a quote said by Mr. Karthi Easwaramoorthy, who exclaimed that thinking alone doesn’t make a man creative but innovation does. He implemented various ideas for the action of thoughts in writing, which helps every student to create their own style of writing. “Google can make you and as well as break you” are a famous line that Mr. Karthi Easwaramoorthy always used to quote, because the digital world has become an eye to all the young entrepreneurs and employees, as well it has also become the worst vision for the non-dedicated people who use in a wrong way.

Out of all, the sessions of the creative café have molded every student in a perfect shape to shine in their own way of life. It’s a big guarantee that students learn a lot from the café session digitally which helps them in many aspects. Content writing has become a great scope for today’s world and might be in the future. So, students are dedicated to their writing and they are in a need of recognition, and, happily, the digital village is providing it effectively.

Creative café gives an opportunity in improving leadership quality by segregating the students into a team and giving them various topics under different categories. This helps students to grade up their responsibility and being a leader, it gives a chance to showcase their best in every aspect. Mr. Karthi Easwaramoorthy has shared his own life experience to make the students understand what life is! And what the career is!

Overall, a creative café gives the best to all the learners who are very dedicated to their careers digitally and technically. Hope this helps everybody.

Be a creator among the copies!