What are a blog and their common types?

What is a blog? And its common types

What are a blog and their common types? Do you want to learn it detailed? Can anybody write a blog? Can we earn from it? There will be a lot of queries about the blogs and their scope. Let’s learn what is special! The term blog is defined so vaguely these days. When the term became a significant stream it is helpful to refer the personal websites. It is also described as a journey or diary that we write about where people would post their updates and lifestyle, and passions.

As the modern world has expanded its feature digitally, the blog has created its place to earn and achieve. Professional bloggers could have not trained themselves without their passion and interest within them. there are five common types of blogs that are essential and must know by everybody. The content of the blog can be about anything but the way how a blogger write should grab the reader’s attention.


The content must be meaningful and productive for the readers so that they can further gain their knowledge. What are a blog and their common types? The first blog to see is a personal blog that is defined as, a blogger writing about himself and his views and perspectives on life. On the internet, some of the blogs presented are a personal blog which it is completely different from other blogs in opinions, and beliefs of a blogger. These types of bloggers connect with people who are very similar to their views and opinions.

The personal blog started with documenting their day-to-day experiences and lives for others to explore and read. Most probably, personal blogs are written to set up money. The next most important blog is a business blog, which is defined as one of the ways to demonstrate one’s expertise and wit with the help of a business blog. To grab the eye of potential clients, the business blog creates a specialty in writing blogs.

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Types of blog

What are a blog and their common types? The next most important blog is an affiliate blog which posts content that promotes other products and services. It is usually based on writing blog reviews and tutorials that include a link for a reader to buy the product. These links are affiliate links. The blogger receives a small commission. The link is clicked and purchased.

Affiliate blogs mostly depend on search engine optimization to grab the reader’s attention to the respective site. It is based on the significant income of the owner whereas affiliate blogs can be very generative.  A few examples of affiliate blog that goes on very successfully are points guy and making sense of cents. Who can start affiliate blogs? The answer to this question is here if the people don’t have any separate distinctive products or services to sell but whose only goal is to make money blogging, then this type of blog suits them.


What are the other two types of blogs? What are a blog and their common types? It is nothing but a niche blog and news blog. The niche is a small section of a larger group for example if you say you are a wrestler then you belong to a large group of athletes. But the wrestler is a small group. A food blogger who produces content on healthy diets and food recipes is a niche blogger. They focus on their content on a very specific subset of a big topic. They try to solve a particular problem with a specific audience.

The technique is one of the most effective ways to blog that will bring you, tremendous followers, sooner. Next, we have a news blog which is the most intense and expensive type of blog to start and create something new. It needs a massive infusion of content and multiple posts per day. So there are types of blogs that everyone must know before they start their career as a blogger.