What are a Website Mockup and its use?                                             

What are a Website Mockup and its use?

What are a Website Mockup and its use? Website Mockup is nothing but the static design of a webpage that is the final element of the design but it’s not the functional one. A website mockup is not the beginning of website development, it’s the product that is in the process to the final one. It’s just giving a feeling of look that how the page will look like, and not how it works like, it just includes the basic navigation and interactions features. It helps us to define user flow, information architecture, visual hierarchy and layout, color, typography, images, interactions. Website Mockup helps to define all these important factors of your product to ensure that everything is good before beginning the expensive coding as changes after that will cause a huge sum of amount. Usually, you can’t open files by clicking as it’s just the demo of the website.

                               Website Mockup serves as a visual draft that shows of web page or application. Mockups use to give customers a demo of the page and help them to see what the page looks like. And it also helps to change the layout, color, images, styles, and more. If you want to look at your page in a different color and want to compare them, you can compare it by creating the second version of the mockup. And you can also make changes and see how it looks, like changing or centering the image, adding the header, and seeing the difference. Mockups gave customers the chance to see how the purpose can be achieved through the layout which is created by a UI designer with the help of a wireframe, and that came to life by using their brand standards and visual creativity. Why it’s a good idea to bring out this mockup. This mockup helps to reach the market more effectively and helps to get success for a long time.

Website Mockup comes at the middle stage of the website design process. The process of web design is ideation, wireframing, Mockup, prototyping, go live. These are the stages to create a web design. The stage of wireframing is to create a rough layout for the page, for the goal, and use the design to accomplish the goal. To make it more real and robust, this mockup is used. After the mockup stage that is after discussing the visual aspects of the mockup, the design will move on to the next stage where real development of the mockup takes place in order to make it a functional and effective one. All these things will be done before the launch of the page or before the page goes live after it’s tested with the users. The mockup will come after the wireframing stage and builds upon the design of the wireframe. Mockup is almost the final stage when compared to the wireframe.       

What is the difference between a wireframe and a mockup? Many of us have this question. It’s nothing but the few things which makes them different that is wireframe are black and white and mockups are in color, mockups are for visuals whereas wireframes are for functionality, wireframe will just show the elements of a page while mockups will provide substance. For example, a wireframe is the blueprint of the building whereas mockups are the two-dimensional standing building. And the mockups will also show the color of the walls. And it will also show you other things like wallpaper, granite for the fireplace, etc. And this helps people to show different colors and compare and change according to their wish without changing its structure. There are plenty of tools available nowadays to create mockup tools. These mockups help to view and compare and make changes according to the choices. Creating mockups is very easy nowadays as it has so many platforms. And can create the best page by using Website Mockup.