What are CorelDraw and its features?

What are CorelDraw and its features?

What are CorelDraw and its features? Most of us weren’t aware of CorelDraw and it’s completely a new thing for many. CorelDraw is nothing but software developed and marketed by Corel Corporation for vector graphics. It is designed to edit two-dimensional images that are logos and posters. This is available for both Windows and macOS. It is used for all graphics-related programs. People who have done or doing any form of graphic design or computer artwork will be heard of CorelDraw. It helps to speed up the project on designing from the beginning to the end. It is said that CorelDraw is a collection of software applications developed specifically for graphic design and digital illustration. It is very important to use a perfect platform to get the perfect one, otherwise, it will end up a mess and the entire process will be the hindering one.

CorelDraw was first developed by Corel engineers named Michel Bouillon and Pat Beirne in 1987 to collect their desktop publishing systems. The software CorelDraw was first released in 1989. In the beginning, CorelDraw1 and 2 were run under Windows 2 and 3. Later, CorelDraw 3.0 came into action with its own Microsoft release of Windows 3.1. Windows 3.1 has transformed CorelDraw into a serious illustration program that is capable of using the system-installed outline fonts without the help of other software like Adobe Type Manager because of the inclusion of TrueType. Versions for Mac OS and Mac OS x were also launched but later stopped because of its poor sales. There are many features in CorelDraw that helps in the graphic-designs. And also, it has many uses which help in Graphic-designing, logos, posters, etc. The latest version of CorelDraw was launched on 10th April 2018 with many new features in it.

                                There are many features in CorelDraw that make the work easier. Some of them are CorelDraw live commenting, CorelDraw Dashboard, CorelDraw Multi-Asset Export, CorelDraw Perspective Drawing, Replace colors with CorelDraw and Microsoft teams Integrations. These features help to do the work more easily. CorelDraw lives commenting works in a way that participants can comment and communicate within themselves and also has the option of adding or responding to the notes. CorelDraw Dashboard is the hub to get everything related to the graphics design, where you can collect notes, project files, and other documents related to the project. CorelDraw Multi-Asset Export helps to export the projects as multiple file types. It is easy to send files to the client as they don’t need to come to you again and again for files in a different format as it’s built with different formats. These features of CorelDraw help clients in enormous ways. 

                         CorelDraw Perspective Drawing helps both you and clients to visualize and have look at the project. This feature helps to bring your idea as a visual and also makes the work done quickly and easily. It also allows choosing more than one perspective. Many people spent lots of time selecting the colors, this Replace colors with CorelDraw helps to replace the color simply and easily by just clicking the button. It makes the work fast as the color will be replaced just by clicking the color you want to replace, and the color that you want to replace with it, then CorelDraw will do the rest of the work. Microsoft teams integrations help to contact the client easily and quickly by video call if they have any problem. It becomes the best application during the pandemic as it helps team members and clients to connect to solve the issue raised. CorelDraw helps in many ways to develop the best graphic design, logo, posters, etc.