What are leadership styles and their types?

What are leadership styles and their types? How to find a leadership style that fits right for your profession? Is it necessary to develop a leadership style? This article will answer all such questions. Firstly, for the question on its necessity, leadership is inevitable in guiding a team towards a project or any other works related to the company or organization. Leadership is the foremost quality that every leader has to possess for successful guidance of their team. We can see that the leading tendency varies from person to person. Also, there are some secret traits of the successful leaders which make their leadership more effective. Thus, it is obvious that it has created several leadership styles followed among the people.

Before stepping into its types, it is important to know what are leadership styles. Leadership styles are the ways in which leaders guide or direct, manage and motivate their employees towards their team’s objective. They also define leaders’ manner in planning strategies and implementing according to the need. It creates the place for different leadership styles since one style cannot fit all types of work. A deep look into what are leadership styles and their types will help to find the apt style for your work specification.

Types of leadership styles

Types of leadership styles detail on the different leadership styles used as per the situations. They are,

  • Democratic leadership
  • Autocratic leadership
  • Laissez-Faire leadership
  • Bureaucratic leadership
  • Transformational leadership

Democratic leadership

As per the meaning of the name, in democratic leadership, leaders make decision based on the input received from their team members. It is more like a collaborative style, which gives space for each team member to share their opinion. But the final call is always in the hands of the leaders. This style counts each and every opinions stated and it also encourages discussion among team members. In fact, this is more effective kind of leadership styles.

Autocratic leadership

On looking into what are leadership styles and their types, the next is autocratic leadership style. This style is an exact opposite to democratic leadership. In autocratic leadership, the decision is made without any consultation from employees. Leaders make decisions and the employees have to follow them. High authority and responsibility lie in the hands of leaders.

Laissez-Faire leadership

The term Laissez-Faire means let them do. This leadership style lets the leaders to provide complete authority of doing a work to the employees. The leaders in laissez-faire leadership get involved only when the situation arises. Until, employees are free to plan and take decisions for the assigned tasks.

Bureaucratic leadership

While knowing what are leadership styles and their types, the next style is bureaucratic leadership. This style is a process of following rules and regulations of the company or organization. Decisions have no restrictions other than to come under such rules and regulations. Mostly this type of leadership style is followed in companies that follow tradition practices more effectively. On the other side, it is more suitable for works that involve high risks and money.

Transformational leadership

Transformational leadership involves the inspiring spirit to make the team members achieve what seemed difficult. This encourages and boost up the confidence of team members to meet the goals. They all focus towards an improvement of an individual as well as the company. These leaders bring out the hidden capabilities of their team members towards the development of the company.

However, on knowing what are leadership styles and their types, it will be useful to know what is entrepreneurship and its types. It is because entrepreneurship highly requires leadership skills and a detail on its types will give insights to pick the right style.