What customer wants and expects from customer service?

Customer service is something on which every business relies upon. The company is indirectly dependent on customer service for further development or for profit-making. “Customers are the real asset”. So, it is important to keep a good relationship with the customer in order to sustain the customer. Every one of us might have called customer service for some reason, and if the customer service person speaks rudely, or is unsupportive, we would have definitely felt not to continue with the same company, and if the customer service is good enough to satisfy our needs and are quick responsive, that would have made us happier and wanted us to continue with this company for a longer period. Customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the growth of the business. There are a lot of competitions in the market, so, how will you make your customer stay with you and not switch to some other company? It is purely because of the good customer service that your company should provide to the customers because that differentiates your company from others and is the secret for the business growth. To set the bar of your customer service high, stay tuned till the end and know the interesting ways to improve your customer service and fulfill the customer’s expectations.

Table of contents:

  1. 6 things which customers expect from a customer service
  2. Why is it important for the business to have good customer service?

6 things which customer expects from a customer service

A customer doesn’t want to be felt like a stranger:

A customer wants to be felt like known. you should be able to answer to their queries before they address their queries to you. Their preferences, orders, future needs, etc.… customer frustration increases when the customer service doesn’t know anything about the customer and makes the customer feel like a stranger.

A customer wants their feedback to be taken seriously:

It is obvious to know that nothing is perfect on any company, there are nooks and corners in every company, and if a customer complains about something, they want to know whether the action has been taken on that particular feedback or not. If not, they will turn into dissatisfied customers and switch to some other company.

Customer wants quick solutions to their problems:

We live in a fast technology world, where people hate waiting. Take this as an opportunity and make it happening. Immediate responses and finding answers for their questions can impress a lot of customers, but just giving immediate responses has become quite old, customers will expect you to be ahead of the time. So, predict the issues and solve them before they can happen.

The customer wants you to listen to them:

Every one of us wants to be listened to by someone, when it comes to consumers, it is not a different case. Even they want to listen to their queries and expect the customer services to act accordingly. A customer has a louder voice than anyone else. So, if you don’t listen to them, then someone else will. Always make sure to listen to your customer, “Really listen”. ­­­More than 80% of customers expect the customer service to provide the opportunity to provide their feedback.

Customers love to be surprised:

Who doesn’t like surprises? Human beings are designed to crave for the unexpected. Surprise is a spectacular tool to enhance the customer experience. This doesn’t mean that you’ve to spend a lot of money to surprise your customer. Small discounts on the products or a handwritten note or anything would do just great to surprise your customer and turn them into your loyal customers. Listening to their feedback and acting on them will be just like icing on the cake to impress them.

Customers want to be felt important:

It might be your personal life or professional life, unless you make the people around you feel valued they are not going to stay with you for a longer period. Always make sure to make your customers feel that they are very important for your company for the entire journey. The customers will return to your brand if you make them feel valued. Treat them in a way that their expectations get fulfilled. Loyal customers are not only like to purchase your product 5 times more but also will spend an average of 33%more. This will help you to maintain your relationship with customers for a longer period.

Why is it important for a business to have good customer service?

Increases value of the business:

Good customer service will help the business to increase its value. Treating your customers well, quick responses to their solutions, and being proactive can help to exceed their expectations and the customer has a good impression on your company and will do the mouth-to-mouth marketing to their friends and family. This enables to build a stronger relationship with the customers.

Retains customers:

customer service

It is always said to keep the old customers than getting new ones because it is way more cheaper than getting new customers. Research says that it costs 5 times more to attract more customers than to retain the old ones. Satisfied buyers will buy more products from your company, and will also ensure to add up more customers from their references if they find the business trustworthy and the customer service is good.

Prevents business failure:

About 90% of the business shuts down before completing 10 years. One of the major problems is bad customer service. When a customer is dissatisfied, your company can no longer be in the long run. Business failure occurs when the customer’s queries are not properly addressed, late responses, no solution to their problem given, not making them feel valued, not acting on the feedback given by the customers. Overall a good consumer service can boost up your business and take them to the peak.