What is Canva? Step to step guidance for beginners

What is Canva? Step to step guidance for beginners will bring out insights into how to use Canva. Canva is an online graphic design and publishing tool. It is used to create designs for social media, business and for personal purposes. Canva empowers people to design and publish anything according to their needs. It has also enabled non-technical people to design posters, logos and several other contents for business and websites. As a web based tool, it helps designing more simple and easier. Hence, it became a user-friendly tool.

Are you searching for a time-efficient, easy graphic design tool? Then, choose Canva to make it simple and unique. What is Canva? Step to step guidance for beginners will answer how Canva is a time-efficient tool. Canva makes designing more creative and individualistic. It is a free platform to design for business purposes like cards, flyers, invitations, menus, portfolio, etc. This also includes Instagram posts, logos, Facebook posts and covers, reports, worksheets and so many designs. Canva has thousands of free templates to work on. Additionally, there are many features to customize designs as per needs. With plenty of editing features, Canva acts as a right tool to design professionally with less time.

Step to step guidance for beginners

Here is a step to step guidance for beginners to use Canva. It is either designed in its website or a Canva app can be downloaded. There are two options as free and premium (Canva pro). Free templates are free to download and share the edited design. But, for premium, it charges $12.99 per month. Lets see the step to step guidance on how to use Canva.

Create a Canva account

After clicking the official website of Canva or downloading its application, sign up. The first step is creating your account. For that, sign up with email address or Facebook login. Choose the type of your account. It can be either free or premium account. Remember, premium account needs to be paid.

Browse and choose a template

Now, browse the homepage of Canva. It lists out the kinds of templates available for editing. Choose the template that fits rightly to your purpose. There are plenty of templates available in each category. This highly acts as tips for inspiring content designs and graphics. A clear selection of template will increase the probability of high content attraction. So, select relevant template of your choice.

Customize the template

Canva provides editing as a way to customize the template as people want. The background of the design or template can be changed along with other elements. Background colors and images can be replaced or removed in this editing. It makes people to customize font styles and its sizes to match with designs. Canva gives the advantage of adding additional elements into the design. Additional elements consist of icons, symbols, illustrations, texts, images, etc. By doing all such editing works, a perfect design is created for the required purpose.

Download and share

Once the editing works are completed, customized design is absolutely ready to download and share. Canva automatically saves the changes made in each template. Hence, it reduces the risk of missing out altered designs. Canva is used to edit both photos and videos. Both are easy to download and sharing further. Once again, it offers a choice of downloading quality for people. High resolution photos and videos are downloaded in easy and fast manner. After download, it is all set to share among people. This information on what is Canva and its step to step guidance on how to use Canva will help you to create your own attractive designs.