What is LinkedIn? Why it is important to have a profile on LinkedIn?

What is LinkedIn? Why it is important to have a profile on LinkedIn?

What is LinkedIn? Why it is important to have a profile on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is an application that is mostly for professional purposes. The company was founded by Reid Hoffman in December 2002, with the help of team members from PayPal and Socialnet.com. It is social networking platform like Facebook but it is to showcase the skills, education, expertise, experience, etc. It’s the platform that helps to strengthen professional relationships and to develop skills to succeed in a career. It helps to get opportunities by showcasing the professional profile through the skills, experience, and education you have. Many of us are not aware of this application and how it works. To many people, LinkedIn was a social media networking application as if like Facebook, and Twitter. They are not aware of the merits that they get on having a profile in this application. 

                What is LinkedIn? Why it is important to have a profile on LinkedIn? Many of us may have the question that we can find jobs with the resume that we created but it has to be given in-person to each company you visit. But creating a profile in LinkedIn helps you to update your resumes to many job sites on staying in your place. On updating your LinkedIn profile, you will reach lots of audiences and that helps you to make the job world aware of your professional status in a well-detailed manner. It’s the fact that every recruiter will google the candidate’s name before hiring the candidate into their company. So, it’s important to have a profile on LinkedIn. And it also helps one to connect them with different professionals in various domains, industries, and backgrounds. People who are active in LinkedIn will get ample opportunities on their professional side. It can also be used to organize offline events, write articles, join groups on LinkedIn, post photos, videos, and more.

       Why it is important to have a profile on LinkedIn? Still, has the same question in your mind? Here’s the answer to all that questions. It helps you to the great extent by giving you updates on the ongoing hiring trends in different companies. You will also get updates on openings by the companies if the user follows the respective company pages on LinkedIn. LinkedIn profile will appear in Google search list that increases the rate of getting hired or at least viewed by the recruiter. And it’s easy to get placed as it’s easy and quick for the recruiters to know completely about your professional side. Usage of the right keywords and content is the most important thing as it helps you to reach an audience beyond the country as it’s used by people around the world. People can also create their brand by developing and keeping their profiles updated on LinkedIn. It also comes with the features like endorsing and recommending people whom you know or people whom you work with. Also, you can write a testimonial for the ones whom you work with as it further validates and reinforces the areas of expertise. Being endorsed and commended by seniors makes the profile more real and interesting. 

               Another important thing that you should never miss out on is updating your profile whenever you win an award, undertake a volunteer task, or do any project. These things are most important as you should never miss out on the important details of your professional side. As these are the information that a recruiter must know to hire you for that particular company or an organization. You should never give any false information or fake details as it won’t be useful. The information that you give has to be real as it’s completely for professional purposes. LinkedIn also helps you to get connected and remain in touch with your colleagues, peers, and ex-colleagues. If you are not active on LinkedIn, you may lose the opportunity to get connected with the world of professionals.