What is microblogging and how it benefits

What is microblogging and how it benefits

What is microblogging and how it benefits will help you gain quick audience interaction. It came into usage after social medias emerged and it helps to provide quicker customer engagement. It’s a combination of instant messaging and content production. With the use of this you can share short messages with an online audience which results in high engagement rate. Social media channels like Instagram, twitter, face book etc works as a platform for microblogging.

These microblogging messages may appear as audio, video, images and also text. It may appear in various formats. It also works as a short-revised format of your websites larger contents.

Types of platforms

Mostly it appeals to mobile users as they are the most social media users.


when considering twitter. It is the most well-known platform for microblogging because mostly people consider twitter as the reputed platform. And also it is used for sharing information’s in a quick and easy way.


Mostly image formats heads in Pinterest. It links the articles and other information’s to the audience. Descriptive messages will always lead to quick interaction where people usually search of quotes and contents for their daily use.


Once the most active social platform where people always be in update. But today it is used less by the youngsters. Even though its an effective microblogging platform. Still, many have got their customer base from Face book as it paves way for easy connection with customers. The posts which you share comes under micro blogging.

What its benefits:

Make way for frequent posts:

One of the main keys for content marketing is to consistent in their posts. Whereas this microblogging allows companies to post shorter content. As it consumes lesser time it is possible to follow frequent posts.

Real time sharing:

People are moving in a fast-paced world so they need everything in a cup of tea. As it helps to give time sensitive information it benefits for the audience to update themselves day to day.

It strengthens the brand relationship mostly in the mobile world. Microblogging allows for two-way interactions also through comments, retweets, giving like etc. Rather than giving a lengthy traditional post it is better to follow microblogging where you can keep your audience around you. Every big palace starts with a brick likewise a short strong blog can bring you counts of audience. So to engage the traffic and to gain huge followers, stick to microblogging. In this blog we have give you a tinge of What is microblogging and how it benefits. Hope it will be useful.