What is natural intelligence?

Before defining what natural intelligence is, let us look at intelligence and its definition first. Psychologists still debate on various definition for intelligence and there is no common ground achieved so far. Many convincing definitions exist in the psychology, still new definitions continue to evolve and older getting tuned further. Based on my common sense, reading and research, I define intelligence as a simple cognitive process which is the foundation for all learning, analysing, creating and feeling. In other words, how you perceive, interpret, analyse and take decision from the past store data at your subconscious and unconscious mind along with input from our present external environment through our five sensory sensors like ear, eye, nose, tongue and skin.  There is nothing called general intelligence and can be categorised into practical intelligence, creative intelligence, analytical intelligence and emotional intelligence. Every animal and plants have intelligence, the difference is in the scale of intelligence level. Humans are the species  with higher intelligence because of their ability to store, retrieve and process relevant information from the past. The combination of all four categories of intelligence brought extraordinary abilities to the extend of ruling every animal on this planet. To be precise, existence of other animals and species are at the mercy of humans. Because of human’s intelligence which came naturally over the period of time through the cognitive process, natural intelligence, they became the rulers of the world.

As we discussed earlier, the human’s natural intelligence can be broadly classified into Practical, Creative, Analytical and Emotional. By combining these abilities, humans mastered the nature and were able to invent things from wheel to steam engine to telegraph to telephone to radio to TV to computer to internet.  

Let us look at the definitions for inteligence bit closer.

Analytical intelligence is the ability to analyse and evaluate ideas, solve problems and make decisions.
Creative intelligence involves going beyond what is given to generate novel and interesting ideas.
Practical intelligence is the ability that individuals use to find the best fit between themselves and the demands of the environment.
Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage your emotions and people around you.

If all the above fundamental intelligence are perfected with the practice over the period of time, we, humans, would become more effective and achieve whatever we desire and wish. For more details, click on first three categories and emotional intelligence.