What is the dark web? What’s on the dark web?

What is the dark web? What’s on the dark web?

                         What is the dark web? What’s on the dark web? This question was raised in my mind after watching the trending web series on Netflix. After watching the complete web series, I get an idea that what is the dark web. Then, started searching about that. Was shocked on seeing that. First, when I heard the term dark web, I thought that would be something like usual web pages. But it was completely a different thing which many of us weren’t aware of what it is. Even I was not aware of this web until I saw it on web-series. The dark web itself will tell you that it’s related to something which many of us weren’t aware of or unable to see. People look at that as a threatening one and there’s a strong reason behind that. It’s none other than the part of the internet but made of hidden sites that can’t be found by usual web browsers. To get into this site, one must rely on the browsers and search engines which is designed particularly to discover these hidden sites.

                            This corner of the internet contains plenty of secrets that most people weren’t aware of. Many software has been used on this website to encrypt this to keep the owner anonymous and to hide their locations. It’s home to most of the illegal activities in this world. You can find all types of illegal activities from illegal drugs, gun sales, illicit pornography, stolen credit cards, and social security numbers. Many who opposes politicians from their government use this darknet web to communicate with each other. And few use to get medical advice from the darknet web to remain their problem anonymous. Even, journalists use the dark web to talk about most confidential issues. It’s a very dangerous one as it may be exposed to scammers and cybercriminals who could attempt to infect the devices from which we visit the web and may also have the chance of getting our stuff. 

            This dark web can only be accessed through networks such as Tor (“The Onion Routing”) which is created particularly for the dark web. Tor browser and Tor-accessible sites are the sites that are used among the darknet users and they can also be identified by the domain “.onion”. Tor browsers work as a creator which creates a pathway for the user and also encrypted entry points, which allows the dark web user’s searches and actions to be anonymous. User’s locations and identities cannot be tracked down as it was protected with a layered encryption system. The websites allow users to talk, blog and also share the files confidentially as the communication among users is highly encrypted. The geolocation and IP address of the users and hosts can’t be tracked down due to the high level of encryption. The website is very particular about not revealing the host and the users of the darknet web. 

               A unique domain name, .onion is set for the website dark web as it can’t be accessed through traditional browsers like Chrome, Firefox which ends with domain names like .com, .org, .gov, and .edu. The websites of the dark web are unusual as it makes it difficult to find them. Sites of Tor are made up of random series of numbers and letters to make it difficult. We only saw the negative side of the dark web, that’s not surprising as it holds a huge number of illegal activities in it. But this web has also been used for many good purposes as it’s used for protection purposes also. The journalist also works on this platform to share confidential issues and to communicate with each other without being detected. And also, to expose corruption at government agencies and other sectors by journalists. Even the dark will be pleasant in the presence of the moon, so we can see the pleasant side of the dark web and make use of the good things in it.