Why is your new website not ranking?

Why is your new website not ranking?

Why is your new website not ranking? What is the solution behind it? Here we have a few reasons behind it, and almost by solving this you can make your website rank high. Remember, just listing your website on Google will not guarantee high rankings. We should ensure whether it is trustworthy. Whether it has the proper keywords and also has good authority on the topic. Also, ensure whether it has a good SEO campaign.

High competition

This is the major reason for the fall in the rankings. You should ensure the keywords you prefer have less competition and, preferably, the most suitable perfect keyword. If you have a lot of new entrants as your keyword, it will rank lower. Because Google does not take risk by popping up new sites. The website that earns trust will be featured at the top. You can shift to low volume keywords that have low competition. This will easily bring high rankings for your website. You should focus on gaining organic traffic. Once you start gaining organic traffic, then Google’s algorithms will decide that you have high quality content and will definitely increase your rankings.

Lack of content

This problem arises when you fail to provide relevant content. As soon as you publish your page on Google, it will go through all the contents. This will make the search engine test the relevance of your topic. If you don’t have proper content, then Google will sandbox your site. To avoid this, you should be cautious that your content is of high quality, if it has a relevant topic, and if it has the proper keyword to create your content.

The absence of quality backlinks

Websites need backlinks because they are considered to be an important factor for high rankings. It is nothing but incoming or inbound links. You should create these links through external websites. Whenever the backlinks occur, it is like getting a vote for a webpage. It depends on the number of votes you gain. The more votes you gain, the greater the positive effect on a site’s SEO. If you fail to have strong backlinks, then it will lead to a drop in your rankings.

Lack of usage signals

Ensure your user traffic because it also decides your rankings. Search engine also analyses user data, bounce rate, and click-through rate. If your page starts to lack user signals, then Google will sandbox your page by assuming there is no real traffic to your site. To overcome this, ensure your audience engagement and add reviews and comments. If the engagement rate is poor, fix it as soon as possible with the use of the SEO strategy.

Why is your new website not ranking? And the above reasons behind it will help you to improve your site’s ranking.