Zendesk Sell: A Comprehensive Guide

Zendesk Sell

Customer management has become a vital element of any company’s day-to-day operations in today’s industry. That is why businesses are constantly looking for innovative methods to improve their customer relationship management. CRM software such as Zendesk and Prospect.io is being used by various businesses to address this issue.

CRM software may be of tremendous assistance to your firm in terms of data collecting and contact organising. While each CRM has its own set of features, the fundamental objective of their core software is to assist businesses in managing client data. CRM software may benefit you whether you have a new business or not.

In this blog, we will learn specifically about one of the best CRMs on the market today, Zendesk Sell. Zendesk Sell CRM has been around for a while and has already created quite a stir in the business sector.

What is Zendesk Sell?

Zendesk Sell is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that is meant to improve pipeline visibility and optimize sales operations. It includes sales tools such as email tracking, a dialer, and contact enrichment. We recommend it for small firms who primarily do sales outreach and follow-ups via email and phone.

Where should you utilize Zendesk Sell?

The following scenarios are where this CRM software really shines.

Sales teams seeking for comprehensive lead management tools

The primary function of CRM software is to organize contacts, leads, and tasks. Zendesk Sell provides full lead creation and management features, including the ability to access lead databases, enhance contact information, and generate lead lists for targeted marketing. It’s one of our top recommendations for the finest lead management software.

Teams that require effective email connections

Email, which makes it vital for CRM systems for integration, is a major sales channel, especially for sales from business to business (B2B).Because it integrates with email marketing and campaign platforms like Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign, Zendesk Sell is one of our top recommendations for the best email marketing CRM integrations.

Sales teams searching for a technology to help them manage their field accounts more efficiently

The Zendesk Sell mobile app includes features like territory management, prospect detection, and sales route planning. It’s one of our top recommendations for the finest accounting software for small businesses.

The major differentiators and benefits of Zendesk Sell

Like any other great application or software we talk about, Zendesk Sell has a good bunch of features and benefits that make it stand out.

Visibility Across the Organization

Zendesk Sell provides a comprehensive insight into sales, marketing, and customer service departments, allowing users to get real-time information on priority tasks, performance, and progress.

Increased Productivity

Users may increase their efficiency and productivity by using sales and communication automation, as well as a single system to track sales, marketing, and customer support operations.

Improved Customer Relationships

Users may shorten their reaction time to consumers and deliver better customer service by centralizing contacts and interaction histories and using live chat support features.

Mobile Access

Zendesk Sell can be used on both iOS and Android smartphones, allowing users to handle work updates on the go.

Dynamic User Interface

The Zendesk Sell user interface is simple to use. The Dashboard, Leads, Contacts, Deals, Calendar, Tasks, Communication, and Reports are all accessible from the top navigation ribbon. A Notifications symbol, a Quick Call capability that allows you to quickly input a phone number, and the Add button are all located on the upper right corner of the navigation ribbon (for adding new leads, contact companies, and deals). A universal search box is also included. 

The dynamic nature of Zendesk Sell’s interface improves the display arrangement automatically. As a result, the navigation ribbon may move to the left. This frees up space on the screen for graphs and widgets, as well as supplementary menus if needed.

The Zendesk Sell UI is well-suited to Android and iOS mobile apps, which do a good job of showing essential information on tiny screens. The Today view on an Android smartphone displays a Revenue Report, Pipelines, and different Tasks, Calendar Events, and Communication at one glance. Zendesk Sell’s features and capabilities transition beautifully from desktop to mobile.

Zendesk Sell UI
Zendesk Sell UI

Key Features

What is it that makes Zendesk Sell such a sought after CRM software? Here are the features that call out to customers.

Opportunity Management

Users may manage opportunities using tiered segmentation based on criteria such as demographics, transaction size, and rate of interaction, among others. Leads are also evaluated to estimate how likely they are to convert, allowing users to concentrate their efforts on completing transactions faster.

Database Management

Zendesk Sell stores contacts and lead data in an easy-to-understand visual format. Users may also utilize advanced search and filtering capabilities, as well as segment data based on specific factors for better targeting.

User management

Admins and managers may create an organizational chart, share it with others, and offer users role-based access.

Quota Management

Managers may see the lead quotas that have been allocated to each team member, as well as their progress toward the objective. They can also allocate leads to team members in a round-robin fashion or using rule-based engines to find the best match for each lead.

 Pipeline Management

The platform shows the number of leads at each stage of the buyer journey, the transaction size, projected revenue, actual revenue, number of deals won, and more.


Zendesk Sell offers a visual dashboard with drag-and-drop functionality that displays all essential KPIs. Users may personalize the appearance of their dashboards and prioritize to-do lists, sales pipelines, performance charts, and other features according to their needs.

Report and statistics

Zendesk Sell provides a variety of data on funnel movement, staff activity, and performance management, as well as sales performance, and marketing success. Date ranges, sales reps, sources, and other characteristics may all be modified in these reports.

Performance management

Managers may track all team members’ performance against objectives, deadlines, and designated leads.

 Activity Tracking

Zendesk Sell has activity monitoring and calendar integration, which means that essential tasks such as calls, meetings, appointments, and planned communications are copied to the calendar and reminded regularly. Managers may also assign team members assignments and goals, track their progress against deadlines, and follow up on activities as needed.

Sales Forecasting

The platform enables in-depth research of current and historical sales patterns and important indicators, as well as predictive analysis to estimate current vs projected revenue.

Custom Forms

Zendesk Sell offers customized online forms for customer surveys and lead generation that can be linked into the website, landing pages, and social media campaigns.

Document Management

Users may save, manage, and share documents in a variety of formats with other team members, including texts, presentations, pictures, and audio.

 Collaboration Management

By identifying and sharing contacts, templates, documents, and notes, Zendesk Sell makes it easier for coworkers and team leaders to collaborate on projects.

Email Marketing

By connecting their current email accounts with Zendesk Sell, users can send targeted and personalized emails to their customers. Zendesk Sell offers its users comprehensive email marketing support, including pre-built templates and detailed reports for bulk mailing campaigns.

Workflow Management

Using rule-based engines that begin event-triggered activities, users may standardize and automate elements of their sales process. Instead of manually maintaining data and arranging conversations, the salesman can concentrate on sealing the transaction.

Call Management

Using an automated dialer, users may call leads and prospects. Call scripting is also possible, and calls are recorded for further analysis and iterations.

Zendesk Sell Pricing

Team $19/month
per user
For up to three users, basic sales tracking is provided.

Customized sales pipeline
Full featured mobile CRM
Email Integration (includes Gmail)
Click to dial and call recording
Basic sales reporting
Admin-only fields
per user
Powerful sales tools for growing businesses.

Features include Team, plus:
Personalized bulk emailing
Unlimited email templates
Sales goals and forecasting
Unlimited custom fields
Mailchimp integration
Zapier integration
Advanced call analytics
Core API
per user
For established sales teams, robust sales solutions are available.

Features include Professional, plus:
Up to 2 sales pipelines
Activity Reports
Advanced permissions
Product catalog
Lead and deal scoring
HubSpot integration
Task automation
Customized notifications
Power Dialler & Call Scripts
per user
Enterprise sales groups with the most selling power.

Features include Enterprise, plus:
Unlimited sales pipelines
Rep performance dashboard
Sales Insights reports
Single sign on
Firehose API
Sync API
Search API

Pros of Zendesk Sell

Affordable pricing choices

Zendesk Sell presently offers four price options, all of which include a full-featured sales CRM capable of handling a variety of enterprises of all sizes. They are all reasonably priced in relation to the amount of functionality and accessible features they provide.

Additional insights using powerful analytics

Zendesk Sell includes a multitude of analytics to assist you in visualising, assessing, and improving your sales performance. Pipeline analysis allows you to keep track of ongoing agreements and spot bottlenecks. Revenues reports depict sales and losses and identify critical elements in winning or losing deals. Its call analytics also correlates other variables such as call duration, time of day, volume, and deal value to understand how each element influences call outcomes.

A well-organized and user-friendly interface across all device platforms

Zendesk Sell is simple and clear to use and navigate. You don’t even need prior technical experience to operate with this software solution because it’s simple to use and has a short learning curve, allowing any personnel to become acquainted with the platform.

Cons of Zendesk Sell

Uploading.csv files is time-consuming

Uploading and downloading csv files is a bit of a hassle at first compared to other CRMs, but it’s not that bad after you get accustomed to it.

Marketing tools

While contacts are simple to manage and export using the contact viewer, smart lists, and filters, no marketing tools are provided through base.


When looking for the finest CRM software package, consider how its features and interface can meet your company’s demands. With Zendesk Sell’s array of strong capabilities, you can anticipate increased sales productivity.

Your salespeople can now correctly monitor leads, close more deals, gather valuable customer data, and arrange your business operations into a cohesive workflow now that you have these features.

Sales team executives may track their sales processes and their sales representatives’ performance using Zendesk Sell. They can also set targets for each team and department that they wish to attain.