You can hire advisor for branding and digital marketing , technology, marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. If you are a believer of god, believe that god has created this beautiful earth, god’s responsibility was over after creating this earth. Everything else on this beautiful planet starting from steam engine to electricity to radio to television to semi conductors devices to computers to internet to artificial inteligence was created by engineers and entrepreneurs. It means natural inteligence of humans shaped this world.

If at all one person is doing closer to the job of god, that is entrepreneurs and their novel ideas and startups. Startups comes to existence to solve a deep and ever lasting pain.

Building startup is an art, science and painful too. It needs different kind of mindset. It demands different characters, qualities, innovative DNAs, creative marketing thought process and expertise in digital channels and marketing to build inbound sales pipeline, smart and adoptive mind and brain to embrace the new cutting edge technologies such as big data, artificial inteligence, machine and deep learning algorithms and various automation open sourced tools such as CRMs and content management systems to build and scale the startups quickly.

We have 10 years of running startup in the field of E-commerce and technology. Contact Us if you want to hire an advisor for advisor for branding and digital marketing