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Our Vision

Growing business with zero marketing budget! Yes, you read it correctly. Absolutely zero marketing budget.

Our Mission

Our subsistence revolves around the clients and how to make their lives easy and grow revenue via inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is all about linking natural and artificial inteligence using digital technologies. Natural inteligence is all about you and your inteligence. Artificial inteligence is all about mathematics, data, analytics, algorithms and machines. How to combine everything together? Don’t worry about it. That is our job! That brings bread and butter for us.

It is widely believed that marketing is costly and it requires tons of dollars to create visibility, visitors, customers and revenue. It is a stone aged thinking. The birth of digital marketing channels, enormous development happening in artificial inteligence space and freely available open sourced technologies and tools, money has become a last resort for building a brand, business and revenue. Our mission is to build brand and grow business without spending money by uniting your inteligence and artificial inteligence through digital marketing strategies.

Our History

DigitalVillage.In was established in the year 2014 to build community and provide strategy to smart entrepreneurs to make better use of cutting edge technologies  such as AI, Machine Learning, Deep learning and Big data, digital channels such as content creators, communication and messaging platforms such as emails, whatsapps and SMS, Generic Search engines such as YouTube, Google and Bing, Speciality search giants such as Amazon, Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter LinkedIn and TikTok, streaming servers such as Hotstar, Netflix and Amazon Prime and modern sales software and tools like CRMs. During this journey, we had helped numerous business houses and entrepreneurs to establish their digital presence and enabled them to push their sales and revenue ranging from Fashion Industry to Financial farms to Jewellery makers to high tech cloud computing based startups to AI based automatic and effective campaign pushing startups to Large educational institutions to Social based startups. Our client list goes from startups to middle size to large corporates. Based on the request from industry, we continue to give talks, workshops and events to build smart digital community though we are tied up with our day to day business.