Thinking of hiring a strategist for your business or startup or corporate? Think your team would get benefitted from our strategist at DigitalVillage.In? Do you strongly believe that DigitalVillager can change your organisation? Check out the below questions to get a better understanding of how program works under strategy building program, and see if DigitalVillage.In is a good match for your organisation.

We might not take up  on every opportunity that comes our way, but we’ll try our best to find the perfect DigitalVillager for your organisation to devise strategy. So contact us, and we’ll see how we can find a suitable strategist and get back to you quickly. Trust us, we are very prompt in replying! 


If I contact you for a strategist, am I guaranteed to have a DigitalVillager train at our event?

DigitalVillagers love accepting on strategy engagements, but unfortunately, there aren’t enough strategists to accept every to opportunity. But we try our best to accommodate your organisation before saying no.

What would make my request for strategist a good fit for DigitalVillage?

We decide that organisation is a good fit if the opportunity is worth for your organisation to invest money and the time. For example, if a request is for something which is outside of our expertise and experience, we will not take up. This is for the serious organisation and people who believe and see value in us. We also evaluate and consider the type of your industry , organisation’s profile, nature of business, goals and objectives before accepting the strategy engagements.

Do I have to pay for a strategist?

Of course Yes! It is a paid program. If your organisation pays or arranges for strategist travel or  lodging also on top of fee if your budget permits, we greatly appreciate it.

What is the core area of the strategy engagement?

Our vision is to grow your business with zero marketing budget! Yes, you read it correctly. Absolutely zero marketing budget. Our subsistence revolves around your business and how to grow revenue via inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is all about linking natural and artificial inteligence using digital technologies. Natural inteligence is all about you and your inteligence. Artificial inteligence is all about mathematics, data, analytics, algorithms and machines. How to combine everything together using digital marketing and channels? Don’t worry about it. That is our job! That brings bread and butter for us.

What is covered under DigitalMarketing ?

Our strategists are experts on any topic in Digital marketing, content marketing, social media and marketing, blogging, content creation, content repurposing, digital asset building, content management system(CRM),  analytics, email marketing,  SEO,  sales technology, sales automation tools, customer relationship management(CRM) and scaling sales.

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