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Our vision is to grow business with zero marketing budget! Yes, you read it correctly. Absolutely zero marketing budget. Our subsistence revolves around the clients and how to make their lives easy via inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is all about digital marketing technologies along with your natural and artificial inteligence. Natural inteligence is all about you and your inteligence. Artificial inteligence is all about mathematics, analytics, algorithms and machines. How to combine everything together? That is our job! That brings bread and butter for us.

Karthi Easwaramoorthy is the founder and CEO of our esteemed organisation. He is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, advisor and mentor, coach and strategist on Digital marketing, Artificial Inteligence, Startup and Entrepreneurship and transforming people highly effective using his powerful methods and tools named “Natural Intelligence! Be a villagers to become a highly effective person” .

Brief biography:

He is the Co-Founder and the CEO of, an online bus ticketing E-Commerce Company. It was built from scratch by raising 300 million investments from the America investors. He is the man behind raising the capital for this business and established the enterprise that swiftly crossed 1000+ million in turnover.

Being the chief executive, he is managing the strategy, product, technology, digital marketing and investor relationship of the firm. Erstwhile to co-founding, Karthi worked at TIBCO Software Inc. (US), Sun Microsystems, (US), Oracle Corporation (US), and Hewlett Packard (Bangalore) from 1993 to 2011.

Throughout his 15 years of stay in the United States, Kathi successfully started a regional language FM radio station at the Stanford University Campus, California which eventually became a popular radio station for the Indian community in the bay area of California.

A founder and chairman of the non-profit organisation  since 2000 serving children, it was started out of California, US. It is helping thousands of government schools in Indian states and touching the lives of endless students aiming for higher education.

Every year IndiaTEAM organizes one of the biggest volleyball events in California to raise funds for the foundation with our regular donors. He is deeply passionate about Inbound Marketing to design a brand, create visibility and grow visitors organically without spending on paid campaigns by using digital marketing such as search engines like Google, Bing etc and the social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

He is one among the best intellects and strategists in digital/online marketing, an expert in diverse fields ranging from SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), and Google Analytics, Ad campaigns, affiliate marketing and content creation. Enthusiastic about training and mentoring learners on startups, digital marketing and sales process setup etc. Actively performing as a keynote speaker in several entrepreneurship platforms. You may get more information on our leader by clicking here.