Doritos’ and Self-expression marketing

Doritos has introduced its inaugural international campaign and brand theme, “For the Bold in Everyone,” as revealed in information shared with Marketing Dive. The initiative aims to encourage individuals to embody boldness, self-expression and “be triangles in a world of circles.” Crafted by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, the campaign comprises three advertisements and a global film spotlighting a grandmother driving a monster truck. In the U.K., the campaign encompasses social and digital advertising produced by PepsiCo’s in-house creative agency, Sips & Bites.

The “For the Bold in Everyone” campaign will kick off in the U.K. before expanding to Australia and European markets, including Spain and the Netherlands in the first quarter. A subsequent rollout is planned for Latin America and other strategic markets throughout 2024. Doritos intends to position its Frito-Lay snack on the global stage by urging consumers to reevaluate personal biases, embrace their passions, and express themselves. Fernando Kahane, the head of global marketing for Doritos, asserts that the campaign seeks to redefine and modernize the concept of “bold” to resonate with new generations.

Kahane emphasizes the significance of brands aligning with certain beliefs, stating, “Today’s consumers want brands that believe in something.” He explains that “For the Bold in Everyone” strives to strike a delicate balance between conveying a perspective and providing entertaining and humorous content that stays authentic to the brand and the snack category overall.

The theme of self-expression, adopted by brands like Gap, Vans, and 7-Eleven, is central to Doritos’ global campaign. The company aims to navigate potential culture war controversies by carefully managing its viewpoint and delivering amusing content. The U.K. launch features in-house content celebrating personalities who embrace their “edges and passions,” including figures such as female footballer Chloe Kelly, Britain’s oldest grime MCs Pete & Bas, blind pro skateboarder Dan Mancina, and the “Dancing Granny” Colette Zacca. The campaign is scheduled to roll out globally throughout the year.

In the United States, Doritos will make a return to the Super Bowl with a commercial starring actors Jenny Ortega and Danny Ramirez.