Are you really interested in Coding?

Are you really interested in Coding?

Are you really interested in Coding? This is a summarized guide where you can learn why you should learn coding and how to start it. Now a days coding is one of the most valuable skills that are much needed. Many people are interested in learning coding either for the career advancement or for building their own software or game. Anyhow, learning a computer language will be a major asset for your professional life.

All you need to learn coding is sufficient time, internet and dedication. Most importantly find, “Are you really interested in Coding?”. Then, you are the right person who reads this. We will start from what is coding? You may already well-versed what coding is, but I will try to put it in a nutshell. It is the process of using the programming language to give instructions to the computer. These instructions power up the websites, software and applications that people use in day-to-day life.

Why coding?

Before entering into how to start it, you should know why you should learn. Because, this question answers you which programming language you should learn according to your need. There are many benefits in coding. It will help you build your professional skills; it will help you earn more, let you create more things, helps you understand the world better etc.

Before starting the learning, figure out all the above things and take some online classes, go for free tutorials, read some books and e books related to that, start with simple tools to make it easier. After doing all this search for a perfect mentor and a proper community and then start your learning.

The first two process is as simple as your need. Why you want to learn will help you realize the skills you should build. It also gives you sense of which program to start with. As a beginner, don’t go for data structures and make it complex. Go for languages like Java and Python which make you comfortable to start with. Next, learn to code for free, start to build some projects and achieve your certifications. Few course providers are freeCodeCamp, W3Schools and prefer some worthy YouTube channels. Use simple tools and editors like Notepad++, Sublime text and Emacs. These are some popular editors for beginners. You can also use project management tools to share files, update timelines and break out parts of projects.

One thing you can do for better improvement. You can do your own review on other’s project. To accomplish this, check out other people code. Because, its easier for some people to edit someone else’s work than creating a new one.

Try to find various methods and types once you start to learn coding to the fullest. Eventually, you will learn to write some impressive codes. Whishing you the best luck in your journey, you will get this.