Innovation born from simplicity

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)  is a non-profitable, non – government organization and a partner in India’s development and thought leader on the strategic economic and industrial issue. Its motto is to make policies and strategies for business efficiency. Today as we live in a complex environment, the contribution from industrial leadership is extremely important. CII provides leadership based on data, analysis and interaction with some of the experts and key stakeholders. CII research mainly focuses on key issues that are easy to understand and simpler to manage. It believes that they can expand knowledge and proactively strengthen the industry engagement of future India. It is considered to be a think tank of the Indian Industries, with nine thousand plus industry members and 250+ Industry association across sectors and regions and maps trends, opportunity and challenges across the sectors. With in-depth insights, it suggests specific policies and action plans. CII Research is the source of innovation idea and original research and rigorous analysis 

Mr.Karthi Easwarmoorthy addressed the gathering of CII to deliver insight into innovation.   “You don’t need to be a mastermind to be innovative, Innovation comes from making things simple”, It was a story of different people passing by a rock in the centre of the roadway. Most of the people keep passing either by left or right, only limited people are intended to make something innovative. There was one man who found the opportunity to make something innovative out of the stone. All he did was a simple initiative. He arranged the rock in a proper customized way which appears to look like a toll booth, and he sat nearby and he started to generate revenue out of his simple effort. Innovation doesn’t need complex thinking. We don’t want to be Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison to bring out innovation. We can bring out the innovation just by making things simpler.