Meet the family who changed the education in their region.

Erode is a place where education, textile and turmeric is inseparable. Many visionaries from this small town changed the face of this wonderful region. Among them, the doctor family Mr. Chinnaswamy, Mrs Saraswathi and their son Mr. Sivakumar did change the style of school education by the time everyone was running schools in a traditional way to score only marks . The visionary family started “The Indian Public School” famously called TIPS in 2004.

I am Karthi Easwaramoorthy happened to visit the school and meet Mr Sivakumar who is the managing director at his wonderful TIPS Erode campus. The wonderful 30 acre sprawling campus built with green everywhere, spacious court yards, class rooms, playing ground, hygienic kitchen etc made me feel amazed and got irresistible desire to write about the over all experience I witnessed. The place is so green, very spacious, clean, calm and serene filled with energetic and welcoming teachers and people over there. Very impressed with the people and process followed from security gate to reception to MD room. I felt that the schools gives uttermost importance to security for the kids. Now he heads schools located in Erode, Salem and Trichy.

Myself as an entrepreneur, I can very well understand the commitment and focus needed to achieve this tall feet. We were having a very casual conversation about his childhood, his education, his passion and of course about the school. When the conversation turned to how this happened, he mentioned that it is all because his visionary father Mr. Chinnaswamy. Though his father was having a very successful medical profession, his dream was to build a school which is different from traditional schools did exist already in Erode. He visited many schools, did research on various systems like Montessori, steiner’s world school along with various curriculums such as Metric, CBSC. Since CBSC schools were not that many during the year 2004, he nailed down to start a CBSC school. That became a role model school in Erode because of the way in which school infrastructure was built, teachers were selected and trained and over all experience given to the kids joined.

When I asked him what is the vision for the school, his vision for the school is always triple EEEs. Extraordinary Education, Exposure and Experience. First and foremost thing he mentioned was providing excellent and extraordinary education to the kids. At the equal foot, extraordinary exposures are given to kids by the way of arranging numerous and relevant field trips, industry visits, guest lectures etc. Finally he said that everyone cherish their school life for ever. For that, what kind of experience given to kids during their school life is key to have life long memories. True, I can very well hist commitment and dedication for this noble cause of educating future generations.

We, DigitalVillage.In, wish the visionary MD Mr. Sivakumar for giving extraordinary education, exposure and experience to the students from this small town Erode.

Written by : Karthi Easwaramoorthy