Mars leverages past advertisements for M&Ms and Twix in a campaign

The “Healthy Planet Productions” initiative by Mars Inc. introduces a campaign that repurposes well-known advertisements for M&Ms, Twix, and Ben’s Original with fresh messages highlighting the company’s advancements in climate action. By incorporating voiceovers and straightforward animations into existing ads, the campaign aims to reduce its environmental impact, as outlined in a press release.

Originally created for Mars brands such as M&Ms, Twix, and Ben’s Original, the revamped advertisements are set to be featured in the U.S., U.K., and Mexico across Meta platforms and YouTube, with additional out-of-home activations in selected markets.

Aligned with the Net Zero Roadmap released by Mars in September, the “Healthy Planet Productions” campaign responds to survey data indicating that 69% of adults prioritize businesses addressing climate change on par with or more than economic issues. Described as a groundbreaking digital and out-of-home initiative for the company, the campaign serves to enhance consumer awareness regarding climate action while showcasing Mars’ commitment to its net-zero roadmap, including collaborations with farmers for forest protection and the sourcing of renewable electricity, according to Andrew Clarke, global president of Mars Wrigley.

The innovative approach involves repurposing existing ads, thereby minimizing emissions associated with travel, filming, and set production. The ads feature new voiceovers and employ simple 2D animation, which is less emission-intensive compared to other techniques.

“Healthy Planet Productions” will spotlight different brands in various countries, emphasizing Mars’ eco-friendly practices. For example, a Twix ad now highlights Mars’ use of over 50% renewable electricity, including wind power, while an M&Ms ad focuses on the company’s emission reduction plans.

The campaign’s strategy is based on an Ipsos survey commissioned by Mars, revealing that 69% of adults believe companies should prioritize climate change over economic challenges. This approach underscores the resonance of environmentally focused marketing with consumers, despite potential backlash against other purpose-driven initiatives. Mars’ Net Zero Roadmap, unveiled in September, involves a $1 billion investment over the next three years to drive climate action across multiple fronts, showcasing the company’s commitment to sustainability amid a broader industry shift.